Pre-orders are officially open for the long-anticipated C4 series TV by LG. The best-in-class OLED TV from one of the world's best OLED TV makers, the C4 is an upgraded version of the LG C3 series, one of our favorite sports TVs.

The C3 series is a tough model to beat as it boasts an already-fast 120 Hz refresh rate and high contrast OLED technology. But LG has outdone itself with the upcoming launch of the C4 series, boasting a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz, more powerful AI processing, improved audio and other cool upgrades.

If the upgraded performance wasn't enough, the pre-order perks will be. If you order the new LG C4 series TV before March 17, you can get a free smart camera, free installation and more to complete your home entertainment refresh.

Pre-order your new LG OLED TV

Should you upgrade to the LG C4 OLED TV?


One of the most notable changes LG made in the C4 series OLED TV is to the AI processor. The latest Alpha a9 AI in the C4 TV is what makes the faster 144 Hz refresh rate possible. It's also better at upscaling sound and images from lower-quality sources, so you can experience 4K resolution across everything you watch, even if it wasn't produced in 4K. 

The same goes for audio, which the new AI processor can upgrade into immersive surround sound or remaster for improved clarity and balance. (You'll want to pick up a good soundbar to get the most out of this feature.)

Sports fans will appreciate the addition of multi-view, a feature that lets you split the screen so you can watch two things at once. That'll come in handy for watching MLS regular season games and other sports that tend to have overlapping schedules.

Prices range from $1,500 for the 42-inch C4 TV up to $5,400 for the 83-inch version. Shipping is expected to start on March 11, so pre-order your C4 series TV today to be one of the first to receive LG's newest OLED TV.

Top features of the LG C4 OLED TV:

  • The maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz makes for seamless motion processing so you can catch every detail of the game.
  • The C4 is even brighter and boasts more vibrant color than the C3.
  • A new AI processor automatically enhances image and sound in real time to give you the best possible viewing experience, regardless of the source quality.
  • The new multi-view feature lets you watch two things at once on the same TV.  
$1,500 and up at LG

Pre-order the new LG C4 OLED TV now to enjoy all the perks

LG is offering a ton of cool perks to shoppers who get their orders in early. Here are all the perks you can enjoy if you order directly from LG before March 17:

  • 5% back in LG rewards for LG members to spend on future purchases.
  • Free wall mounting or TV stand installation.
  • 25% off the SC9S Soundbar for an even more immersive surround sound experience with your new OLED TV.
  • A free HD smart cam you can use for interactive TV experiences like virtual fitness classes, video conferences and more.

The best part of all? You don't have to pick just one of these TV deals. You can snag as many of these perks as you want when you pre-order before the deadline.

Pre-order your LG C4 OLED TV