Attention sports fans: The Discover Samsung spring sale ends this weekend. Samsung TVs offer top-of-the-line picture quality, features, and overall construction -- and they usually have a price tag to match. So catching one of the brand's sales is our favorite way to get a best-in-class sports TV at a price that won't make your wallet recoil in fear.

From now until Sunday, March 10, you can save thousands on the best TVs for catching all the action. That includes weatherproof outdoor TVs, stylish QLED TVs and larger-than-life 4K TVs that fully immerse you in the game. Keep reading for our favorite Samsung TV deals this week or tap the button below to start shopping the sale now. 

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Our readers' favorite sports TV for up to $1,000 less: Samsung "The Frame"


Samsung's "The Frame" is the most popular TV among CBS Sports Essentials readers. We're not surprised, since the brilliant, high-resolution TV is great for watching sports. When you're not watching a show or movie, you can switch it to art mode to display an art collection of your choice, or your own photos.

The multiple frame options and well-hidden cables make it look like a real framed work of art on your wall. And when the game rolls around, you can turn off art mode and watch the action in all its QLED 4K glory.

It features a matte display film that reduces glare, giving you the best view of all your favorite shows and movies. In addition, the Frame offers Quantum HDR, which delivers an expanded range of color and contrast. 

If you generally watch the game with friends, the brightness and anti-glare screen of Samsung's Frame might be the best for ensuring everyone in the room can see the game.

The 4K TV comes with a slim-fit wall mount, which will allow you to display beautiful pieces of art through your television. You'll be able to showcase artwork from world-famous galleries and museums in the comfort of your living room. With a subscription to Samsung's Art Store, you have unlimited access to a library of over 1,400 new and classic pieces of art from established and emerging artists. 

During the Discover Samsung Spring Sale, prices start at just $550 for the 32-inch size (reduced from $600). But every size all the way up to the 85-inch is on sale this week, too. 

$550 and up

While we love these deals at the Samsung sale, select sizes of Samsung's "The Frame" are on even deeper discount at Walmart. Get the 43-inch or larger at Walmart for even less than you'll pay at Samsung. Shop your preferred size at Walmart below:

$798 and up

Save $3,000 on the Terrace Full Sun TV for your back deck


Samsung's "The Terrace" TV series gives sports fans the crystal clear picture of a QLED 4K TV in a durable, dust- and water-resistant frame that can have a permanent home on your patio or deck. The anti-glare screen ensures you'll be able to see the screen no matter where you're sitting. Now you can bring everyone over to grill and watch games outdoors this spring without missing a single second of the action.

The full-sun version has an anti-glare screen so bright you'll still be able to see the action even when the TV is in direct sunlight. Normally priced at $10,000, the 65-inch full sun version is just $7,000 during the Discover Samsung Spring sale. 

Other sizes of both the full sun and partial sun versions of Samsung's top outdoor TV are on sale this week, too.

$7,000 at Samsung

Get up to 45% off the Neo QLED 4K TV


The Neo QLED 4K TV features the latest and greatest Samsung technology. Quantum LEDs deliver bright, brilliant color while the HDR10+ mapping tech adds contrast, shading and scene-by-scene tone adjustments for a realistic picture.

The anti-glare screen limits light reflection, so you'll get to enjoy the full detail of the QLED 4K TV no matter what time of day or where you've placed it. 

The 85-inch Neo QLED 4K TV is selling for just $2,600 during the spring sale (reduced from $4,800). You can also save on the smaller versions. The TV comes in sizes ranging from 43 inches up to 85 inches with prices starting at just $1,100 (reduced from $1,200).

$1,100 and up

Save $3,000 on the 98" QLED 4K Q80C with built-in surround sound


The 98-inch Class QLED 4K Q80C TV delivers a larger-than-life picture powered by Samsung's state-of-the-art AI processing. Watching the game is made even better by the built-in surround sound speakers that use object tracking to automatically adjust the channel audio to match the action on screen.

With a TV this powerful, it will look and sound like you're right there on the 50-yard line.

The 98-inch version is on sale for $5,000 right now (reduced from $8,000).

$5,000 at Samsung

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Why we like Samsung TVs

There are deals at Samsung's sale on a wide selection of QLED and OLED TVs that offer sharp definition and a vibrant picture thanks to millions of independently lit pixels, each capable of delivering millions of shades of color. Blacks are blacker. Whites are whiter. Purples are… purple-r.

The most recent Samsung TVs come with the company's signature quantum 4K processor. The AI-powered chip can enhance every single scene to deliver 4K resolution, even when the source content is not in 4K. So you get crisp detail and rich texture no matter what you're watching.