The first week after the Super Bowl is generally when I release my way-too-early projections and if you're wondering why I used that phrasing in both the headline and the first sentence of the article, it's because it is --in fact-- way too early. At the same time, it's kind of fun and a lot of these projections will closely resemble what they look like in July. 

Note that for the most part, I did not project unrestricted free agents. They are in my rankings, just not in the projections because I build those from a team-based approach and I don't know where to stick them. That's why free agency and the NFL Draft will have such a big impact on these projections in the coming months.

At the quarterback position, the first thing that stands out on a macro level is that I have three blank spots. That's because I feel pretty confident the Week 1 starter for the Buccaneers, Broncos, and Commanders is not currently on their roster. The same case could be made for the Panthers, Saints, and Steelers but I'm not as certain. Besides, Sam Darnold and Mason Rudolph project 31st and 32nd anyway, nobody is drafting them unless it's as a backup in a two-quarterback league.

The one that does need more of an explanation is Taysom Hill at No. 7. 

As for why I have Hill projected as the starter, it's because I think he gives them a much better chance than Ian Book and their salary cap situation is such that I'm really not sure they can land a better option. Sure, they could kick the can down the road again somehow, but for now, it makes more sense to me that they'd take their lumps and start Hill. 

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As for why Hill is projected so high, look at what he's done as a starter. He's played eight complete games at quarterback over the past two seasons. In those games, he's thrown for 1,649 yards and seven touchdowns while running for another 461 yards and six scores. In terms of a 17-game pace -- 3,504 yards passing, 980 yards on the ground, and 28 total touchdowns. That's about 50 more yards and one fewer score than Jalen Hurts' pace last year.

To be clear, Hill has the biggest gap between his projection and his ranking at the position. You can't draft him as a starter, or anything close to it. But late in best ball drafts, he remains one of the highest upside options available. Every week he starts he's a viable option as a top-12 Fantasy quarterback.

Here are my way-too-early 2022 quarterback projections: