The May version of Dynasty Tiers is going to look a little bit different. You can thank recent podcast guest Rich Hribar for that. On  Tuesday's episode of Fantasy Football Today, Rich talked about his tiers over at Sharp Football Analysis and how they are somewhat tethered to his rankings, but only loosely. Instead, he tiers more by archetype. I told him that sounded like a more fun way to do it, and I'm trying it out here. You can let me know what you think.

At quarterback that gets a little messy, right from the start. The top tier of Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Justin Herbert are the league-winners who I expect to remain league winners for the next decade. The next tier could just be Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson if I were doing things the old way, but I added Deshaun Watson, because like them Watson could be a league winner for the next decade, but also his long-term floor is far less certain than the guys in Tier 1.

Joe Burrow probably looks like a weird fit with Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson in Tier 3. It's certainly not perfect, but I really think these quarterbacks are more likely to be mid-range QB1s than league winners. I'm not sure any of them are going to put up big rushing numbers anymore and I think they'll need outlier efficiency seasons to be top-five Fantasy quarterbacks.

If there's one thing that stands out doing this approach, it's just how deep quarterback is right now in a one-quarterback league. The first three tiers are all very good starters, then Tier 4 gives you four very exciting rebuilding pieces and Tier 5 gives you just as many win-now quarterbacks. There's a bit of a repeat, to a lesser degree, in Tier 6 and Tier 7. 

Before we get to the actual tiers, I should probably address why Aaron Rodgers is all the way down in Tier 7. Yes, it's partially about his lack of weapons. That, combined with his uncertain future, makes it tough to call him a difference-maker as a win-now quarterback and at the same time, he'll turn 39 years old in December. That's just not someone I'm very interested in Dynasty.

Here are my updated Dynasty tiers at quarterback: