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The May version of Dynasty Tiers is going to look a little bit different. You can thank recent podcast guest Rich Hribar for that. On a Tuesday's episode of Fantasy Football Today, Rich talked about his tiers over at Sharp Football Analysis and how they are somewhat tethered to his rankings, but only loosely. Instead, he tiers more by archetype. I told him that sounded like a more fun way to do it, and I'm trying it out here. You can let me know what you think.

The wide receiver classes in the past couple of classes have been so good that they've threatened to completely rewrite Dynasty rankings lists. And when you group players somewhat by age, the influx becomes even more talent. As does the path forward for older wide receivers.

Tier 3 is where you'll find the first wide receiver over 25 years old, and the two oldest receivers in that tier (Davante Adams and Cooper Kupp) are the only receivers over Age 28 in my top six tiers. This is a reminder that this transition at receiver is still in process, it just got a boost from five rookies jumping into Tier 5 and circumstances dropping DeAndre Hopkins, Tyler Lockett, and Calvin Ridley out of the top seven tiers.

It's also not just as simple as the younger players moving in and the older players moving back. Six months ago everyone in Tier 4 besides Deebo Samuel was ranked and tiered higher than they are now. DK Metcalf, D.J. Moore, and Terry McLaurin were all viewed as having top-five upside at one point or another in the past few years, and now they're facing pivotal seasons with very questionable quarterback situations. A top-12 season may be needed to keep them from falling further.

Here are my updated Dynasty wide receiver tiers: