Move over, Isaiah Thomas, because Bradley Beal is “a big pizza guy. (USATSI)

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The Washington Wizards call guard Bradley Beal "Big Panda." This was first revealed back in December:

Somehow, it took amost five whole months for someone to follow up on this. The Washington Post has more details, including the fact that he's a "big pizza guy," a fact offered by John Wall and corroborated by his backcourt partner. Kings guard Isaiah Thomas better hope Beal is never traded to Sacramento, lest he lose his endorsement deal.

“Whenever we go out to eat, he might get the biggest meal, and he’s gonna finish it,” Wall explained. (Pandas also apparently eat a lot.) “Sometimes I’m gonna be honest and I’m like, ‘Man I can’t finish, I’ve got to take it to go,’ ” Wall continued. “He finds a way to be the only one to finish his meal.”

“You got to get your second wind,” Beal chimed in.

“He finds his second wind,” Wall agreed. “It’s like playing in Denver, he finds that second wind and he keeps going.”

Beal has been phenomenal in the playoffs, averaging 20 points, five rebounds, five assists with a true shooting percentage of 56.7 percent. Anthony Davis is still the best of the beunch from the 2012 draft and Damian Lillard also made the All-Star team this year, but Beal's development means he's right there with Andre Drummond in the future-star category. It's also now worth discussing who has the better nickname: Big Panda or Big Penguin?