Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets Game 7
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In order to keep Brooklyn's season alive for at least another five minutes, Kevin Durant had to do what superstars in his position are often asked to do and put the team on his back. In the waning seconds of regulation during the Nets' Game 7 match up against the Bucks on Saturday, he did just that. With a few seconds left in regulation Durant was near the top of the key and got the ball in his hands to either win the game, or send it into overtime.

As P.J. Tucker bodied him up, Durant went into a quick post-up stance and then turned around to shoot over Tucker's outstretched arms. The shot hit nothing but net and tied the game 109-109, sending the game into overtime.

Take a look:

Durant's heroics ultimately came in an overtime loss, but the shot will be remembered as one of the best in NBA Game 7 history.

It wasn't just the eyes of a basketball-watching word on Durant when he was making that incredible shot, it was his peers in the NBA community. Some of the biggest names in basketball -- including former Warriors teammates Stephen Curry and Draymond Green -- were all witnesses to a shot that very few in the history of the league would be comfortable taking in such a high-stakes situation. Here are some of the big names that were struck with awe: