The 2013 NBA Draft was the worst in recent memory. There just were no great players to choose from at the time, and the overall quality was weak. There have been good players to come out of it -- as there always are -- but overall, it was wildly disappointing, and not just because Anthony Bennett went No. 1 overall.

Those players are now eligible for extensions off their rookie deals, and the promising players are looking at getting the kind of mega-deals we saw this summer. Two notable names popped up Sunday as Yahoo Sports reports that the Thunder are pursuing a deal for both Victor Oladipo and Steven Adams on four-year extensions.

Adams, unquestionably, is worth it. That number is shocking, like so many new deals were this summer, but based on how the cap works, he is worth a player of that caliber. He's OKC's second-best player, a great defender, a great rebounder, a finisher in pick and roll and has touch around the rim. Quite honestly, his media quotes alone are worth half that contract. So OKC looking to lock him in and not worry about it later makes sense.

Steven Adams could get a big extension. USATSI

Oladipo, surprisingly, is a bit more questionable. He was the second overall pick in 2013 and has shown a lot in his three seasons. He's a good defender, can create with the ball and is a great passer. But he's also a poor shooter and has never shown an ability to take over the game except for a handful of instances. That's an issue, and it's why his contract value is $20 million less than Adams, despite Adams being taken way further down.

But OKC is looking to create stability after the tremors of Kevin Durant's departure last summer.

Two other players are looking at deals, Yahoo reports:

Cody Zeller has been solid for Charlotte and if they can get him on a value deal, it makes sense. They need athletic bigs who can defend, especially with Frank Kaminsky getting so many minutes.

Shabazz Muhammad, after being hyped as a prospect coming out of high school, is really just a standard wing. He can defend a bit, score a bit, rebound a bit. He's fine, in other words. Gorgui Dieng has a lot of holes in his game. Maybe most concerning, he's already 27. You're signing him to a deal that will take him through age 31. It had better be a cheap deal if they're going to lock up cap space for him.

We'll see if any of these deals get done by the deadline of November 1st.