This is not an alarm, it is very much real. The Vikings (4th) and Eagles (9th) are both top-10 teams in terms of potential for winning the Super Bowl. Minnesota isn't stunning because they were top 10 to start, but beating the Packers and Panthers in back-to-back weeks will get some attention, especially after losing your starting quarterback, starting running back and starting left tackle.

Philly is on another level going into its bye with a 3-0 record, winning thanks to rookie Carson Wentz's steady play, but also because the defense is slammed-full of studly players like Fletcher Cox, who continues to dominate.

It's only three weeks in, but there appear to be some shifts in terms of the balance of power in the NFL.

1. New England Patriots (7-2, Previously 5-1): This might be where these odds settle, unless Bill Belichick beats Rex Ryan with Julian Edelman just to be a jerk.

2. Green Bay Packers (7-1, Previously 7-1): The report of Aaron Rodgers demise was greatly exaggerated.

3. Seattle Seahawks (8-1, Previously 10-1): Christine Michael might stay woke and that will be a problem for people.

4. Minnesota Vikings (10-1, Previously 16-1): Beating the Packers and Panthers in back-to-back weeks will get people's attention.

The trade for Sam Bradford is working out well so far for the Vikings. USATSI

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-1, Previously 7-1): Got beaten like a drum for their worst lost since 1989 after a rookie quarterback took them down to Wentzylvania Town.

6. Arizona Cardinals (10-1, Previously 7-1): Carson Palmer started the game with five-straight three-and-out drives and then ended the game with four straight interceptions.

7. Denver Broncos (12-1, Previously 20-1): Turns out John Elway knows what he's doing.

8. Carolina Panthers (14-1, Previously 12-1): A rough schedule with Minnesota and Denver on the schedule. An easy division, however. Panthers are about to rip off a strong stretch.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (20-1, Previously 40-1): This team is flying up thanks to Carson Wentz. Imagine telling someone they would be here before their bye when the season began.

10. Oakland Raiders (20-1, Previously 30-1): The hype train may have been on point after all.

11. Dallas Cowboys (20-1, Previously 20-1): Unfortunately these odds will probably take a hit when Tony Romo comes back and drags this supernova down.

12. Kansas City Chiefs (25-1, Previously 30-1): Casual pick six pack will vault you up the list.

13. Baltimore Ravens (25-1, Previously 25-1): They're undefeated but they really haven't played anyone yet. COME AT ME RAVENS FANS.

14. Houston Texans (25-1, Previously 14-1): Bad things happens to this team when it travels to New England.

15. New York Giants (30-1, Previously 18-1): After giving up very few plays in the first two weeks, the G-Men hemorrhaged them against Washington.

16. Cincinnati Bengals (40-1, Previously 25-1): Sitting at 1-2 is a tough spot for anyone in the AFC North, but they also played the Jets on the road, the Steelers and the Broncos. Pretty tough stretch to start. This is nice value.

The Bengals are off to a slow start. USATSI

17. Indianapolis Colts (40-1, Previously 60-1): Could easily be 0-3 were it not for San Diego's ability to give away football games.

18. San Diego Chargers (50-1, Previously 30-1): They find an impressive number of horrible ways to lose football games.

19. Atlanta Falcons (80-1, Previously 80-1): It's hard to really tell anything from someone who beats up on New Orleans, regardless of venue.

20. New York Jets (60-1, Previously 40-1): The roller coaster that is Ryan Fitzpatrick has some really high highs and some really low lows.

21. Miami Dolphins (80-1, Previously 100-1): Things nearly got REAL weird if Cody Parkey makes that field goal.

22. Washington Redskins (80-1, Previously 100-1): Maybe Kirk Cousins isn't so terrible after all.

23. Los Angeles Rams (100-1, Previously 100-1): Don't tell Jeff Fisher but he just blew past .500 on the season.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (100-1, Previously 80-1): Brutal closing stretch after that lightning delay for Dirk Koetter.

25. Tennessee Titans (100-1, Previously 80-1): Mike Mularkey is destroying Marcus Mariota.

26. Detroit Lions (100-1, Previously 80-1): Really tough luck in terms of injuries and everyone adjusting offensively. Jim Bob Cooter has the offense humming.

27. Buffalo Bills (100-1, Previously 100-1): Let's see what happens after Rex doesn't have his back against the wall.

Let's see what the Bills do this week against the hated Pats. USATSI

28. New Orleans Saints (200-1, Previously 100-1): This seems low after Monday night. Zero defense.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (200-1, Previously 100-1): No one wants to be coming back from London at 0-4, Gus Bradley.

30. Chicago Bears (300-1, Previously 150-1): This team is just toast.

31. San Francisco 49ers (1000-1, Previously 200-1): Week 1 is a long way in the rear-view.

32. Cleveland Browns (1000-1, Previously 1000-1): This is pretty low but give them credit for trying hard.