ATLANTA -- Julian Edelman saves his best effort for the biggest games, and Super Bowl LIII was no different. The long-time Patriots receiver was named the Super Bowl MVP with another outstanding playoff performance in his team's 13-3 win over the Rams.

Edelman ended the game with 10 catches for 140 yards, and he was easily the most effective offensive player in the game, for both teams. With Tom Brady under pressure from Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh and the running game not clicking until late, the Patriots were forced to work the short area in the passing game, and Edelman delivered the goods

Edelman was double-teamed consistently and had multiple guys shift over to cover him. It never mattered. He unleashed outstanding routes, made huge catches and was able to pick up multiple first downs. His performance opened up things for Rob Gronkowski, who helped to set up Sony Michel's fourth-quarter touchdown, the lone touchdown for either team. 

Edelman is now the second-leading receiver in terms of catches and yardage in postseason history, behind only Jerry Rice in that respect. 

There was plenty of debate about whether or not Edelman is a Hall of Fame player leading up to Super Bowl LIII. The reality is he's probably not, based on his regular season statistics. But Edelman is a gamer, a guy who puts on huge performances on the biggest stages. And he put on a massive show Sunday in the Super Bowl, helping the Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl in the dynasty that has spanned so many years.