The fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft is now complete. Want to know what I think of every pick made in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft? You can follow along throughout the day Saturday as I graded all the Round 5 picks below. Be sure to refresh this page throughout the night to get the latest grades. You can keep track of all the picks for the entire draft and my grades in our draft tracker

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145. Jaguars, Luke Farrell, TE, Ohio State

Grade: C-

Strange pick. In-line type. But not a great blocker. And low-level receiving upside. But does have the movement skills to be better in the latter stage in the NFL than he was in college. 

146. Jets, Jamien Sherwood, S, Auburn

Grade: C+

 Long, big hitter at the safety spot. More linebacker than coverage type. 

147. Texans, Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami

Grade: B

YAC specialist at the TE Spot. Reminds me of Eric Ebron. Younger prospect too. Just not sure he can separate with pure route-running skill. Good upside selection for the Texans. 

148. Falcons, Ta'Quon Graham, DL, Texas

Grade: B-

Thick lower half helps him drive blockers back into the quarterback. Slower-footed type but powerful player who can play multiple positions up front. 

149. Bengals, Evan McPherson, K, Florida

Grade: C

Best kicker prospect in this class. Accuracy is good although his 2020 wasn't as impressive as 2019.

150. Eagles, Kenneth Gainwell, RB, Memphis

Grade: B+

Tiny scat back with serious slot receiver type skills. Tracks it very well down the field. Think Theo Riddick.

151. Bears, Larry Borom, OL, Missouri

Grade: B+ 

Calm, cool, collected big man who understands how strong he is and how that helps him control blockers. Probably needs to be play guard in the NFL. Moves well relative to how wide he is. Just clean up the hand work and this is a starter. 

152. Broncos, Caden Sterns, S, Texas

Grade: B-

Explosiveness and experience. His trademarks. Some coverage hiccups but the athletic talent and flashes of big-play potential make him enticing. 

153. Browns, Tony Fields, LB, West Virginia

Grade: B-

Browns definitely have a type at linebacker. Fields is tiny but super active and has serious range. Just struggles to beat blocks and isn't a big-time coverage type yet.

154. Jets, Michael Carter II, S, Duke


Another Michael Carter pick for the Jets. This is a safety, cornerback hybrid with serious burst and ball production in college. A little off the draft radar but not a bad selection.

155. 49ers, Jaylon Moore, OL, Western Michigan

Grade: C+

Stout, power blocker who projects inside in the NFL. Good anchoring capabilities. Good short-area quickness for his size but doesn't look like the normal SF blocker. 

156. Steelers, Isaiahh Loudermilk, DL, Wisconsin

Grade: C-

Classic Steelers type up front. Big, almost oversized and has heavy hands. Just not a refined pass-rusher and lacks closing speed to the ball carrier or quarterback.

157. Vikings, Ihmir Smith-Marsette, WR, Iowa

Grade: B-

Skinny, speed-based WR who will be useful the jet sweep game and hit some splash plays down the field. Not overly elusive but the big-play element is enticing. Needs to get a little stronger. 

158. Panthers, Daviyon Nixon, DT, Iowa

Grade: A

Huge value pick here for Carolina. Ready-to-go interior pass-rusher. Hand work galore and very agile. Explosion and length are good too. Not as sturdy against the run. But will start and eat next to Derrick Brown. 

159. Chargers, Brenden Jaimes, OT, Nebraska

Grade: A

Tremendous pick here for Los Angeles to bolster to the offensive line. Jaimes has high-end upside because he's a gifted, balanced athlete in pass pro and has proper hand work down. Just needs some time in an NFL strength and conditioning program. 

160. Ravens, Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State

Grade: C

Where he plays will ultimately determine his success. Not a cornerback. Not natural mirroring and is stiff. But has explosiveness to be a big-hitting safety. 

161. Bills, Tommy Doyle, OT, Miami (Oh)

Grade: C+

Another tall, athletic tackle prospect for Buffalo. Doyle plays with a mean streak and has the athleticism to be a quality pass protector. Some waist-bending on film and needs better grip strength. 

162. Chiefs, Noah Gray, TE, Duke

Grade: B+

One of the best separators among the second-tier of TEs in this class. Routes like a receiver and is smaller for the TE spot. Good mentorship behind Travis Kelce. 

163. Washington, Darrick Forrest, S, Cincinnati

Grade: B+

Lightning bolt of a safety prospect. Runs the alley to destroy ball carriers as well as any safety in the class, and he's decently fluid changing directions in coverage. Most a free safety type. More defensive help for this burgeoning defense. 

164. Broncos, Jamar Johnson, S, Indiana

Grade: A-

Explosive, ball-tracking master with great instincts in coverage. Ask Justin Fields. Tends to lower his head as a tackler rather than square up but can lay the lumber. Quality value selection. 

165. Colts, Shawn Davis, S, Florida

Grade: C

Authoritative striker at the safety position. Throwback type. Tested like a freak athlete. Not someone you want lining up in man, and his coverage instincts/recognition are subpar. 

166. Panthers, Keith Taylor, CB, Washington

Grade: B+

Long, rangy outside cornerback who didn't have a pick in college but was around the football often. Fluid hips and decent feet.

167. Raiders, Nate Hobbs, CB, Illinois

Grade: C+

Average length but a lot of spring in his step. Quality footwork. Not a lot of production and I'm a little worried about his long speed and mirroring capabilities in the NFL. But the overall athleticism is there. Good leaper too. 

168. Vikings, Zach Davidson, TE, Central Missouri

Grade: C+

Gigantic production in 2020 and tested like a high-caliber athlete. Naturally a massive target because of his frame. Will threaten the seam because of his speed but not a savvy route runner yet. And this is a tick early for him. 

169. Browns, Richard LeCounte, S, Georgia

Grade: B-

Ran slow at the Georgia pro day but plays so fast on the field because of how quickly he diagnoses and has flashes of serious range from the deep middle. Some flashes of striking skill downhill too for a smaller safety. Good depth at that spot.

170. Texans, Garret Wallow, LB, TCU

Grade: B

Well-rounded linebacker who can stay on the field in passing situations although he's not a coverage specialist. Good, not great athlete. Wins with instincts. Very productive in college. 

171. Ravens, Daelin Hayes, EDGE, Notre Dame

Grade: B+

One of my favorite Day 3 EDGEs because of his chiseled frame and ability to bend the corner. Needs to be coached up on his pass-rushing moves. 

172. 49ers, Deommodore Lenoir, CB, Oregon

Grade: C- 

Big recruit who I thought never lived up to the hype in college in terms of sticking with receivers downfield and tracking the football consistently. The athletic gifts are there though. Smaller with short arms. Not twitchy enough to play nickel. 

173. Packers, Tedarrell Slaton, DT, Florida

Grade: C+

Your classic nose tackle who's going to eat blockers and spit them out on a regular basis. Some ability to climb through the line to generate pressure but isn't noticeably athletic for the position. 

174. Rams, Earnest Brown IV, DL, Northwestern

Grade: C+

Well-built defensive end type with heavy hands, but hands that aren't overly active and he's an average athlete. 

175. Jets, Jason Pinnock, CB, Pitt

Grade: B

Long-armed high-caliber athlete who needs to speed up his processing in coverage. But the athletic traits are absolutely there. Jets needs to improve the secondary. 

176. Buccaneers, K.J. Britt, LB, Auburn

Grade: B

Throwback type at the linebacker spot who makes his presence felt downhill. And actually shows decent athleticism on film but not someone to lean on for coverage help. Nice depth behind Lavonte David and Devin White. 

177. Patriots, Cameron McGrone, LB, Michigan

Grade: B

Sideline to sideline speed specialist at the linebacker spot. Young and not super experienced. Flashed but wasn't overly consistent and didn't tap into coverage capabilities yet. New England had to get more athletic at LB. 

178. Packers, Shemar Jean-Charles, CB, Appalachian St.

Grade: B+

Fluid cornerback who can play inside and out and showed outstanding instincts to make plays on the football on a regular basis. Just not overly fast down the field. This is the type of depth you pick at CB on Day 3. 

179. Cowboys, Simi Fehoko, WR, Stanford

Grade: B

Size, speed, suddenness specimen. Can get open. Wins in contested-catch situations. Crushed his pro day. Older prospect. 

180. 49ers, Talanoa Hufanga, S, USC

Grade: C

Thrived in a freestyle type role at USC. Bigger type at the safety spot. Don't love his athletic upside in the NFL but in the box, he can be useful. 

181. Chiefs, Cornell Powell, WR, Clemson

Grade: A-

Ball-tracking is outstanding down the sideline. Contorts his frame. Will be useful on back shoulders. Crisp, textbook routes and boasts a chiseled frame. Good athlete. Older prospect.

182. Falcons, Adetokunbo Ogundeji, EDGE, Notre Dame

Grade: A

Incredibly long, hand work master who flashes some serious flexibility around the corner. Not a high-caliber athlete but has the length and bend to finish at the quarterback. 

183. Falcons, Avery Williams, CB, Boise State

Grade: B-

Return specialist with outstanding vision and good speed. Played in the slot at Boise State and is a little raw in terms of staying in phase. Athleticism is solid. 

184. Ravens, Ben Mason, RB, Michigan

Grade: C+

A fullback! In 2021! Love it. Makes sense for Baltimore. Mason was clearly the best at his position in this class. Big-time athleticism for that spot. Not the most polished blocker or receiver yet.