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The NFL Draft tends to get pretty crazy every year, and a big reason that happens is because of all the unpredictable trades that go down in the first round. For instance, the Titans sent shockwaves through the draft last year when they decided to trade A.J. Brown to the Eagles

Although not every trade will be that shocking, it's pretty much a guarantee that we'll see multiple first-round trades go down when the draft kicks off Thursday, April 27. With that in mind, we're taking a look at potential trades that some teams might make in the first round this year, and today, we're looking at possible options on the table for the Cincinnati Bengals

If the Bengals are going to make a trade in the first round, it's almost certainly going to be a trade down. Over the past 25 years, the Bengals haven't traded up a SINGLE TIME in the first round of the draft. However, trading down is a different story as the Bengals have traded down twice in the first round since 2010. 

Now that you know their trade history, we're going to take a look at three possible trades that the Bengals could make in the first round, including one that has them going up, one that has them going down and one that would help the Jets land Aaron Rodgers

Trade up to No. 21

  • Bengals get: No. 21 overall pick
  • Chargers get: No. 28 overall pick, 2023 third-round pick (92nd overall)

As the Bengals head into the draft, they don't have a lot of holes on their roster. Their biggest needs are arguably at right tackle, tight end, corner and on the defensive line and it won't be surprising at all if one of those four positions ends up being the pick in the first round. 

Like we already mentioned, the Bengals almost never trade up in the first round, but if it's going to happen, it would likely be in the following situation: A top player on the Bengals draft board who was expected to be a top-20 pick falls out of the top 20. If that happens, the Bengals might see an opportunity to pounce. 

In this situation, let's say the Bengals are eyeing Clemson pass-rusher Myles Murphy, who is projected by most to be a top 20 pick. If he's still available after the first 20 picks have been made, the Bengals might make a few phone calls to try and make a trade happen. Trading up to the 21st spot makes sense because the price won't be sky high AND it would put them one spot in front of Ravens, their AFC North rival. 

This doesn't mean Murphy would be the guy, if a top corner or a top tackle starts to fall down the draft board, that could also lead the Bengals to making some phone calls about possibly moving up in the first round for the first time since 1995 when they traded up to take Ki-Jana Carter with the No. 1 overall pick. 

Trade down to No. 41

  • Bengals get: No. 41 overall pick, 2023 third-round pick (72nd overall), 2023 fifth-round pick (147th overall)
  • Titans get: No. 28 overall pick, 2023 third-round pick (92nd overall)

The Titans will likely be looking to take a quarterback in this draft, but with the 11th overall pick, they're not in a great spot to get a QB at the front end of the first round. If they want to trade up into the top five, they'll have to surrender some serious compensation, so it might make more sense for them to try and land a QB at the bottom of the first round. 

Drafting a QB at the backend of the first round is ideal because you have control of their contract for five years since each first-round rookie deal comes with a fifth-year option (Players selected after the first round simply get a four-year deal). By trading up to 28th overall, the Titans could possibly land someone like quarterback Hendon Hooker, who will likely still be available and who has already had a visit with the team this month. 

By dropping to 41st overall, that would open the door for the Bengals to take a running back. They likely won't want to spend a first-round pick on a running back, but we do know they love taking running backs in the second round. Over the past 10 years, the Bengals have taken three running backs in the second round -- Gio Bernard in 2013 (37th overall), Jeremy Hill in 2014 (55th overall) and Joe Mixon in 2017 (48th overall) -- so picking at 41st would put them right in the window where you'd expect them to take a running back. With Mixon's future up in the air, it won't be surprising if the Bengals take one early this year. 

Also, if the Bengals were to pull off a trade like this, it would give them three picks to work with on Day 2 of the draft, and Day 2 is where they've done some of their best work over the past few years with selections like Tee Higgins, Logan Wilson, Germaine Pratt, Jessie Bates III, Sam Hubbard and Joe Mixon, who were all picked in the second or third round since 2017. 

Trade down to No. 42

Bengals get: Two second-rounds picks in 2023 (42nd overall and 43rd overall)
Jets get: No. 28 overall and Jonah Williams

This trade is known as the Aaron Rodgers special because it would help the Jets seal the deal for the Packers quarterback. Apparently, one thing that's holding up the deal is that the Packers want a first-round pick in the trade and the Jets don't want to give up the one they currently have, which is 13th overall (There's also been some speculation that the Packers aren't dead set on getting a first-round pick, but let's assume they want one). 

In this trade, the Jets would give up BOTH of their second-round picks to the Bengals in order to move back up into the first round. Not only would they get the 28th overall pick, but they'd also get Bengals offensive tackle Jonah Williams as part of the deal. From there, the Jets would ship the 28th overall pick off to Green Bay as part of the trade for Rodgers. 

For the Jets, this would essentially mean that you're trading your two second-round picks for Rodgers and Williams. Not only do you get your quarterback, but you'd also be getting some protection for him. The other upside here for the Jets is that they'd get to keep the 13th overall pick.  

If you're the Bengals, you do this trade because it means you would now have three of the first 60 picks (Nos. 42, 43 and 60). We mentioned at the top that the Bengals have four big needs going into the draft -- right tackle, tight end, corner and the defensive line -- and with three picks in the top 60, they could look to fill three of the four or they could use one pick on a running back and fill two of the four main needs. Either way, it would give the Bengals some great options and it would also finally end the drama between the Packers and Jets.