The Green Bay Packers have had a wild offseason. Despite making it to the NFC Championship game for a second straight season and their quarterback winning the MVP award, Aaron Rodgers reportedly asked for a trade and even threatened retirement. The Packers found a way to satisfy Rodgers for the time being by redoing his contract and making several concessions, but it was a saga that will not soon be forgotten. 

Rodgers reported to training camp on time and it appears both sides have put this ordeal behind them. All's well that ends well, right? While some believed Rodgers was always going to return to the Packers at some point despite the reports, the legendary quarterback recently revealed on the Dan Le Batard & Friends Podcast that he was just a coin flip away from retiring.

"I mean, I felt going into the weekend before camp that I was 50/50," said Rodgers. "I don't care if people don't believe that. That's true. There were some things that got me to 50/50 for sure, and you know I spent a couple of days in silence and meditation and contemplation and really felt like that I should come back. There's a lot of opportunities for growth and exciting things in Green Bay and that felt like the right thing to do."

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In Rodgers' very honest press conference following his return to Green Bay, he admitted he considered retirement, but we didn't know it was close to a 50/50 proposition. Him hanging up the cleats would have virtually sunk the Packers, as they would have been forced to play second-year quarterback Jordan Love -- who wasn't even in uniform for a single game last year. 

Rodgers completed 70.7 percent of his passes for 4,299 yards, a career-high 48 touchdowns and just five interceptions on the way to his third MVP award last year. While one of the reported concessions the Packers made to get Rodgers to return was that they would revisit his feelings next offseason, they have him for this year. And it could be a "last dance" that results in a Super Bowl. 

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