After giving Antonio Brown a $50 million contract last year, it appears the Raiders are now going to take some of the money back in the form of fines, and the receiver definitely doesn't sound to happy about that. 

Brown revealed on Wednesday that he's been hit with two major fines over the past three weeks, and we know exactly how much he's been fined, because he posted the letter he received from Raiders general manager Mike Mayock. 

Apparently, Brown was fined $40,000 for missing a "preseason training camp" practice on Aug. 18. The receiver was also fined $13,950 for not participating in a team walk-through on Aug. 22 for a total of $53,950 in fines.  

According to the letter, his absence from the walk-through was unexcused. 

If you're the Raiders, that second fine is definitely the most concerning one and that's because the team was in Canada. The walk-through was held on the day of their third preseason game against the Packers, which makes it an odd practice to skip, especially when you consider that Brown's absence was unexcused. 

Although the Raiders are well within their right to fine Brown, he definitely didn't seem happy about it. When he posted Mayock's letter to Instagram, he added the caption, "When your own team want to hate, but there's no stopping me now Devil is a lie. Everyone got to pay this year. Just so we're clear."

Of course, the most notable thing about this entire situation is that Brown HAS SKIPPED TWO PRACTICES ALREADY. Brown was known for skipping practices in Pittsburgh, and the fact that he's now doing the same thing in Oakland probably isn't making the Raiders feel so good about the trade they made with the Steelers

Brown's offseason has basically been one crazy story after another, and although the Raiders have been attempting to put out every fire, they're basically using a water gun against a five-alarm blaze. 

If you've somehow lost track of what the Raiders have had to deal with since the start of training camp, here's a quick refresher: Brown has threatened to retire from football because the NFL wouldn't let him wear the helmet of his choice, and he also missed the most training camp because he had frost bite on his feet

Unfortunately for the Raiders, it looks like the drama with Brown might not ever end.