Antonio Brown doesn't have much -- if any -- support from former and/or current players following his latest transgression in his short time with the Oakland Raiders

With news breaking of a reported argument between Brown and general manager Mike Mayock that involved the 31-year-old allegedly threatening to hit the 61-year-old "in the face", before punting a football and telling Mayock to "fine me for that," the team is now poised to make a decision that could rock the entire NFL. The confrontation took place not long after Brown posted an image on Instagram of a fine notice from the Raiders that led him to label them as "haters," and all of this adds on to the summer-long war over his helmet and health concerns over frostbitten feet that caused him to miss the large majority of camp.

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It's been a whirlwind of bad news swirling around Brown since the Raiders gave up a 2019 third- and fifth-round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers to land him, but now the battle lines are more clearly drawn than they've ever been. You can count former NFL running back Danny Woodhead -- who spent time with the Jets, Patriots, Chargers and Ravens -- in as one who's come out against Brown's actions.

Woodhead thinks the Raiders should stand their ground, even if those who drafted Brown in fantasy football take the loss.

Mayock's frustration began to show following Brown's first failed grievance on the helmet issue, warning the All-Pro wideout that he needs to decide if he's "all in or all out." It's the first year for both in the Raiders organization, but the problem for Brown is clear, in that he's the player while Mayock is the one calling the shots.

For his part, Woodhead thinks Brown should concede to Mayock for that reason -- his stance being not everyone has to agree with their boss in order to do their job.

The team had reportedly deactivated Brown on Thursday for the regular season opener against the Denver Broncos, and were mulling their next move. That could have involved suspending him for conduct detrimental to the team, in a move that would also void nearly $30 million in guaranteed money that he's set to earn. The likely outcome following such a decision would've been the divorce of both sides only months after Brown made his way to Oakland, and without ever playing a snap of football -- in any real capacity -- leaving a sizable black eye on both himself and the organization that gave up assets so that he could get a fresh start after a controversial departure from Pittsburgh. 

Both sides were in a 24-hour holding pattern, with agent Drew Rosenhaus optimistic he can repair the relationship. For those who give weight to such a thing, Brown had already unfollowed the Raiders and quarterback Derek Carr on social media so, at that point, it felt like Rosenhaus was bringing a first aid kit to prevent an amputation.

In a wild turn of events, though, Brown apologized to the team and head coach Jon Gruden has ruled him in against the Broncos. And with that, be sure to tune in next week for the next chapter in what's become the most dramatic soap opera in the NFL.