Antonio Brown's end zone twerking just cost him some serious money

Antonio Brown learned an important lesson on Thursday: Twerking in the end zone isn't cheap.

The Steelers wide receiver was hit with two fines for his actions during Pittsburgh's 38-16 victory over Washington on Monday. The NFL gave him one fine for twerking and one fine for wearing unapproved baby blue cleats during the team's win.

Here's a closeup fan video of Brown's touchdown dance:

Great touch down baby!!

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Brown didn't confirm how much his fine was for, but apparently, he has enough in his bank account to handle it.

"Nothing to a boss," Brown said, when ESPN asked him how much he was fined.

Although we can't say for certain yet how much Brown owes the NFL, he's likely going to pay somewhere between $15,000 and $22,000. For his cleats, Brown was either fined $6,076 (equipment violation) or $9,115 (foreign substance on body or uniform), depending on what the NFL punished him for. It's possible the league hit him with the larger of the two fines because he decorated his cleats with his number.

Antonio Brown's cleats were not NFL-approved on Monday. USATIS

As for the twerking, Brown was either fined $9,115 (taunting) or $12,154 (unsportsmanlike conduct toward an opponent). And by the way, we should probably stop calling it twerking because that's not what Brown calls it. According to the Steelers wide receiver, that's called the "Boomin" dance.

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