Although A.J. Green didn't get suspended for putting Jalen Ramsey in a chokehold Sunday, the Bengals receiver did get hit with a gigantic fine this week. 

Green revealed Thursday that he has been fined $42,000 for attacking Ramsey during the first half of the Bengals' 23-7 loss to the Jaguars. The fight started when Ramsey shoved Green following a Bengals offensive play that didn't involve either player. Green then retaliated by putting the Jaguars corner in a chokehold and punching him several times.

The Bengals wide receiver said he's not going to bother with an appeal. 

"I did something I wasn't supposed to do. Now I have to accept the consequences. That's fine," Green said, via the Bengals' official website. "I accept whatever punishment that was handed down to me because I put myself in position where I hurt my team and hurt myself. I apologized to the people I hurt. My family. That's not who I am, I can't go out there and black out like that. That was not professional. That's not who I am. That's no reflection on my family. That's not who we are. I apologize for that."

The NFL fine schedule calls for a player to get a minimum fine of $30,387 after their first fighting offense, which tells you the league clearly frowned upon Green's actions because they added another $11,613 to his fine. 

Both Green and Ramsey were ejected from the game following the fight, which occurred with just under 30 seconds left in the first half. One thing that's still not clear is whether or not Ramsey will be fined. Although Ramsey didn't do much during the fight on the field, he reportedly attempted to continue the fight in the Bengals' locker area after both players were ejected. 

According to, Ramsey went after Green in the Bengals' locker area but was restrained "by Jaguars personnel and EverBank Stadium security" before he could get anywhere near Bengals wide receiver. 

The fight was out of character for Green, who immediately apologized after the game

"I shouldn't have reacted that way," Green said. "I apologize to my teammates, [Bengals owner Mike] Brown, and everybody, because that's not who I am. It just got the best of me today."

Since Green wasn't suspended, that means he'll be on the field for the Bengals' game in Tennessee on Sunday.