For the first time in nearly 30 years, the Denver Broncos have dramatically redesigned their uniforms and they unveiled their new look on Monday. 

The Broncos spent more than two years working on the new design and after all that time, they came up with a look that honors both the history of their franchise and the Rocky Mountain region where they play. 

Now that we've seen the release video, let's check out the new jerseys below. 

With three jersey colors, the Broncos will now have the option of wearing nine different uniform combinations and they unveiled some of those combos on Monday. 

On the inside of the neckline of each jersey, the team included the words "Broncos Country" to honor their fans. They also included the number 5,280 as a nod to the altitude in Denver (The number is also on the front of their new helmets)

Although the Broncos will be sticking with their Navy helmets for most games, they also unveiled a white alternate helmet. 

The Navy helmet is very similar to what they wore before, but the team did make some slight tweaks. 

One other unique aspect of the uniforms is that the font for the numbers was picked as a nod to national parks signage around Colorado, according to the team's official website

It's a pretty solid look and team president Damani Leech is understandably excited by what the team came up with. 

"As we honor the championship tradition of the Broncos, we're also committed to innovation and growth during such a transformative time in franchise history," Leech said. "Our new uniforms boldly integrate elements of our past, present and future while paying tribute to Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region we proudly call home."

The Broncos also announced that they're bring back one of the most iconic looks in NFL history with the return of their 1977 Orange Crush uniforms. 

The Broncos will also be wearing their Royal Blue helmets, which means they'll have a total of three helmets for the 2024 season .

The Broncos uniforms haven't undergone any major changes since 1997. In the 27 years since then, the Broncos have only made a few slight changes: They released a color rush jersey in 2016, and they unveiled a white helmet in 2023, but their main uniforms stayed mostly intact. 

If you want to know how the new uniforms stack up against the old ones, you can see that below. 

Seems like an upgrade. 

The Broncos are one of four teams who have or are getting ready to unveil new uniforms this year. The Jets and Lions have already unveiled new uniforms and the Houston Texans will be unveiling their own on Tuesday.