Jarvis Landry has been all-in on the Browns since being traded to Cleveland in March, and he's been less than kind to the team that drafted him. Landry praised new offensive coordinator Todd Haley's playbook, while simultaneously implying that the Dolphins never used him correctly.

Landry told the NFL Network on Monday that the Browns have three times as many routes for him in the playbook as what he ran in Miami, adding that "[Haley] doesn't treat me as just a slot guy."

Landry hasn't held back on the Dolphins this offseason, and he took some shots at quarterback Ryan Tannehill in June. He seemed to take the way things ended with the Dolphins personally, from contract negotiations in January that he called "disrespectful" to a tweet when he was traded, saying "s--- about to get SERIOUS."

Landry led the NFL in receptions last season at 112, but he had just 987 yards -- or 8.8 yards per reception. His 466 yards after the catch were even pretty pedestrian, ranking 12th in the NFL -- so his comments about being treated as a slot guy may not be unwarranted.

Haley, of course, was the Steelers' offensive coordinator from 2012 to 2017, where he worked with Antonio Brown, so he knows how to feed the best receivers in the NFL.

If Josh Gordon has the year he's capable of opposite from Landry, we could see Landry's numbers inflate. The 2017 receptions leader definitely has some pressure to perform up to his $75 million contract. He's getting paid like a top receiver, and he thinks that the Browns are putting him in a position to prove that he belongs in that tier.