If the Kansas City Chiefs need to free up some salary cap space, they might want to think about just cutting their punter, because based on how Harrison Butker's offseason is going, the Chiefs might not ever have to punt again. 

Butker has one of the strongest legs in the NFL, and he showed it off during a workout session earlier this week when he booted a 77-YARD FIELD GOAL. That is not a typo. The Chiefs kicker drilled a 77-yard field goal, which means he made the kick from the opposite 33-yard line. Because you're probably going to want to see this for yourself, here's video of the kick:

To put that in perspective, the longest field goal ever made in an NFL game is 64 yards, which was done by Matt Prater in 2013. Although Butker had it slightly easier here -- there was no defense, and he didn't have to deal with a snapper or a holder -- the kick was still impressive, because once again, IT WAS FROM 77 YARDS. Again, that kick is from the opposite 33-yard line. If Butker could do that in a game, the Chiefs would practically be in a field goal range after a touchback. 

Butker had an equally impressive kick back in November when he drilled a 70-yard field goal during warmups prior to the Chiefs' 24-17 win over the Chargers in Mexico City. The reason why that kick was impressive is because it came with a snap and a hold. 

Although Butker can hit from long range, the Chiefs have never really tested his strength. The longest kick in his three-year career came from 56 yards, which happened in 2019. That kick, which came against the Bears in Week 16, also happens to be the longest attempt of his career. 

Only 18 kickers in NFL history have ever hit a field goal of 60 yards or more in a game, which is a list that Butker would probably like to join at some point, and the good news for the Chiefs is that he definitely has the leg to do it. 

Don't be surprised if Butker keeps sharing his kicking videos, and that's because he has the one job in the NFL that's ideal for the current situation we currently live in. Being a kicker is a lonely job, which makes it perfect for social distancing, which mean it's not going to be too difficult for kickers to find a place to practice this offseason. 

If Butker wants to keep his Twitter followers entertained this offseason, he should challenge Justin Tucker to a distance kicking competition. The Ravens kicker, who is arguably the best at his position in the NFL, also has an extremely strong leg. During a Pro Bowl practice in 2017, Tucker drilled a 75-yard field goal

Let's say first one to hit from 80 wins.