It's hard enough to make a 60-yard field goal in the NFL and it's almost impossible to do it twice in a row, but that's exactly what Brett Maher did against the Vikings just before halftime on Sunday. 

With 13 seconds to go until the half, the Cowboys weren't anywhere near field goal range, but then Dak Prescott hit CeeDee Lamb with a 27-yard pass that changed everything. The catch moved the Cowboys down to Minnesota's 42-yard line, which opened the door for a 60-yard field goal attempt by Maher. 

For most teams, attempting a field goal from 60 yards would be viewed as a low percentage kick, but not for the Cowboys, and that's because Maher has never missed from 60 yards or longer. Entering Sunday's game, Maher had made three field goals from 60 yards or more in his career, which is the NFL record. 

Maher appeared to add to that total when he hit from 60 yards against the Vikings ... but the KICK WAS WAIVED OFF. After the ball went through the uprights, the officiating crew announced that they were going to review Lamb's catch. Since there was under two minutes left in the half, the booth had a right to review the play, but in this instance, it appeared the refs didn't call for the replay until after Maher made his kick. 

After reviewing Lamb's catch, the officials ruled that the ruling on the field would stand and that the catch would count. 

After finishing the review, Maher then had to go out and try the 60-yard field AGAIN, which is basically the same thing as asking someone to hit another hole-in-one. To put into perspective how difficult it is to hit from 60 yards, just consider this: Before Sunday, there had only been TWO field goals all year from 60 yards or more. Also, NFL kickers have hit just 17.1% of their kicks from beyond 60 yards in NFL history. 

With the numbers stacked against him, Maher had to attempt another one, and once again, HE MADE IT. 

The field goal gave the Cowboys a 23-3 lead and helped Maher break his own record for most career field goals from 60 yards or more. The Cowboys kicker has now hit four, which is wildly impressive when you consider that no other kicker has more than two. 

Maher now joins Wil Lutz and Harrison Butker as the only kickers in the NFL this year who have made a field goal from 60 yards or beyond. 

The Cowboys kicker has hit a total of three field goals in a game where Dallas is steamrolling the Vikings. For a live look at the game, be sure to click here so you can follow along with everything that's happening in Minnesota