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There's not usually much drama on the field during the fourth quarter of a blowout game in the NFL, but there was definitely some drama during the final quarter on Sunday night and that's because the Cowboys and Colts were going for a scorigami, which is when a game ends with a final score that's never happened before in NFL history. 

Thanks to late touchdown by Dallas, we got the scorigami: The Cowboys' 54-19 win over the Colts marked the first time in NFL history that a game had ever ended with that exact final score. 

As you can see above, it's the 1074th unique final score in NFL history. 

The Cowboys win marked just the second scorigami of the 2022 season. The only other one came back in Week 4 when the Seahawks beat the Lions 48-45. 

During the 2021 season, there were a total of six scorigamis, but obviously as more final scores get knocked off the all-time list, scorigamis will be more difficult to come by, which is likely a big reason why we haven't seen as many happen this year. 

The scorigami actually almost didn't happen after Matt Ryan lost a fumble with just under four minutes left to play and Dallas leading 47-19. After the Cowboys recovered the fumble, they took over on Indy's 29-yard line. If the Cowboys had been forced to kick a field goal there, the final score likely would have been 50-19, which would have NOT been a scorigami (That score has happened one time in NFL history and it came back in 1979). However, Malik Davis made the scorigami happen when he scored on a 23-yard touchdown run with 2:25 left to play. 

The Sunday night game didn't seem like it had any chance of ending in a scorigami. Heading into the fourth quarter, the Cowboys only led 21-19 and there didn't seem to be very many reasonable point combinations that would have had the game end in a scorigami, but then Dallas went on a rampage in the fourth quarter, outscoring the Colts 33-0 to push the final score to 54-19. The 33 points gave Dallas the second-highest scoring fourth quarter in NFL history.

It's fitting that these two teams gave us a scorigami this year and that's because they were involved in three of the six that happened last season. In Week 9 of 2021, the Colts beat the Jets 45-30 for a scorigami. In Week 11, they beat the Bills 41-15. As for the Cowboys, their 2021 scorigami came in the regular-season finale when they beat the Eagles 51-26.