Since last week's NFL draft, one of the most criticized selections has been the New York Giants' pick of former Duke quarterback Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall. The choice has been criticized by everyone from us right here at to George R.R. Martin, who authored the A Song of Ice and Fire book series on which "Gamer of Thrones" is based. 

Jones, obviously, has heard the criticism. It would be very difficult for him not to, given its prevalence in and around New York over the past several days. On Thursday, Jones addressed the media and essentially said he doesn't care about the criticism, and that it's his job to make the people doubting him regret it, sounding very much like the man he'll be backing up (Eli Manning) in the process. 

The Giants released a video of his full availability, which can be seen below.

Jones was a top-10 pick and should be seen as the Giants' quarterback of the future, but general manager Dave Gettleman has already said he could see Jones sitting for as long as three years. That would be a pretty spectacular misuse of resources, and it would also mean the Giants committing to a subpar quarterback for several years longer, so it seems unlikely to actually happen. But whenever he does manage to get on the field, Jones will have a whole lot of people to win over, because at this point, the doubters are many.