Dez Bryant is still without an NFL team -- and could be for a little while longer -- but he's keeping busy in unemployment. 

The free agent wide receiver was apparently one of the hundreds of thousands of people who watched the boxing event over the weekend that featured YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI going head-to-head in the main event. Despite the fact that neither are professional boxers, more than 800,000 people shelled out the $10 that it cost to order the pay-per-view on YouTube. 

The headlining fight ended in a draw (which conveniently led to the two sides immediately agreeing on a lucrative sequel), but Bryant was apparently impressed with Paul's showing -- enough that he attempted to send him a direct message on Twitter to give him props for his performance. 

There's only one problem: Dez accidentally messaged Paul's younger brother, Jake Paul -- also a YouTube star who fought in the event. The younger Paul took on KSI's younger brother, Deji, in the chief undercard match, beating him in five rounds. 

Apparently Jake Paul didn't take super kindly to being pump faked in the DMs by Dez, so he countered with a pretty solid response that took aim at Bryant's lack of a contract. Paul screenshotted the exchange and shared it with his 3 million followers, saying Braynt "don't want the smoke" and that "no team wants Dez." (Ironic, considering Paul's hometown team, the Cleveland Browns, wants Dez.)

It's seems that Paul was feeling a little feisty after his win in the ring. But Bryant is a proud NFL wide receiver and there's no chance he was ever going to let a YouTube clown come in his kitchen with that trash talk and walk away unscathed, so he responded with a fair and measured response: Fight me.

We'll have to hold on to our butts waiting for Paul's response, but the YouTuber already put out an offer to fight musician Chris Brown next. If he needs help crafting a response to Dez, I'm willing to offer my services.

"Hey Dez, feel free to catch these hands anytime, but you'd probably drop them even if you tried."

That one's on the house, Jake Paul.