If Ryan Tannehill can't play this season, it sounds like Jay Cutler would definitely be interested in heading to Miami to compete for the Dolphins' starting quarterback job. 

That news comes directly from Dolphins coach Adam Gase, who recently spoke to Cutler about possibly signing with the team if Tannehill decides to undergo season-ending surgery on his left knee. 

"He was interested," Gase said Saturday, via the Palm Beach Post.

However, in the same breath, Gase was quick to pump the brakes on any talk that a Cutler signing is imminent. 

"I think he's trying to figure out everything," Gase said. "I mean, you don't expect this to happen. I don't think he looked at our situation. He was surprised, and he has things to work through."

If Cutler makes the decision to sign with the Dolphins, that means he'd have to give up his new job covering NFL games at Fox Sports. It also means that Cutler would have to quickly get into football shape, because the Dolphins would want him at training camp as quickly as possible. 

Gase isn't even sure what kind of football shape Cutler would be in if he were to sign with the team. 

"When I get there, I'll be able to tell you," Gase said. "I don't think it's even close to anything right now. So like I said I had one conversation with him and that's where we're at … When I know more, hopefully in the next few days, I'll have a better idea."

Gase didn't offer many specifics about his conversation with Cutler, but he did say that Cutler never made any demands. ESPN.com had reported that Cutler would be willing to sign with the Dolphins, but only if Miami would be willing to pay him starting QB money. 

"Comments about him in the media, it's not like he's talking to anybody," Gase said. "He'll talk to me."

If Tannehill misses the season, Cutler would probably make the most sense in Miami, as Will Brinson eloquently explained on Thursday. Gase was the Bears' offensive coordinator in 2015, when Cutler had arguably the best season of his career. 

Although Cutler is interested in the job, Gase isn't putting all his eggs in one basket. The Dolphins coach said that his team will be keeping all their options open when it comes to adding a quarterback.   

"We've had a lot of people call us, we've talked to a few people," Gase said. "We're keeping all our options on the table. A lot of the things that are out there aren't really what we're doing. It's kind of funny to watch."

That could leave the door open for someone like Colin Kaepernick, especially if Cutler decides he doesn't want to come out of retirement. In fact, he's reportedly leaning that way. 

As for Gase, the reason he hasn't made a decision on who to add at quarterback is because the Dolphins have no idea if Tannehill is actually going to miss the entire season. Tannehilll is getting multiple medical opinions on his knee, and the team will make a decision on his playing status once they get all the information they need. 

"We're trying to figure out all of our options and put them on the table," Gase said. "We're waiting for a few more opinions to come in. We're in no rush."