NFL: OCT 30 Steelers at Eagles
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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown had a career day on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The next morning, the NFL asked him to do a drug test -- which are supposedly assigned at random.

Brown didn't seem too sure about the randomness of the test, and mentioned NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a tweet about the situation. 

"I would have a drug test this morning huh lol Rogerrrrr this is not random @NFL," he wrote on Monday.

Brown registered six receptions, 156 yards and three touchdowns to help lift his team to a 35-13 victory and continue an undefeated season with a 7-0 record. His receiving yards and touchdowns were career-bests for the 25-year-old star, and those numbers were not just impressive for his own stats. Brown became the first Eagles player with three receiving touchdowns of 25+ yards in a game since Ben Hawkins in 1969 and the first player in the league as a whole since Breshad Perriman in 2019. 

The NFL's official policy on performance-enhancing substances -- which was agreed on by the NFL players association and the NFL management council -- states that each week during preseason and the regular season, 10 players from each club will be selected at random by a computer program. So in this case, Brown had to be one of the players selected at random.

Brown is not the first player to raise an eye brown at the randomness of the selections, though.

Last season, Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett joked about how he was drug tested twice after going sleeveless and said he might have to change his look. He got selected one more time shortly after that, which marked the third time through his team's first seven games. Garrett then joked that the NFL was probably trying to "clone" him.