The Bengals training staff is probably going to want to keep a close eye on the weight of rookie Malik Jefferson over the next 12 months, and that's mainly because he just won a year's worth of free pizza, which is the kind of prize that would likely cause a normal person to gain roughly 40 pounds. 

The reason Jefferson is getting the pizza is actually kind of crazy. Before the draft, Pizza Hut announced that it was going to give away a year's worth of pizza to the player who ended up getting drafted with the 78th overall pick. If that sounds kind of confusing, there was actually some logic behind it. You see, the 78th overall pick is the 14th pick in the third round, which makes it the "Pi Pick" at 3.14.

The fact that the pizza ended up going to Jefferson is kind of crazy, because the Bengals didn't even hold the 78th overall pick when the draft started. Going into Day 2 of the draft (Rounds 2 and 3), the Chiefs held the 78th pick, but they decided to trade it to the Bengals in a deal that allowed Kansas City to move up from the 54th pick in the second round to the 46th pick. As part of the trade, the Bengals landed the 78th pick. 

At that point, the Bengals held both the 77th pick and the 78th pick. With the picks, the Bengals took Sam Hubbard and Jefferson, in that order. The interesting thing here though, is that the Bengals could have selected the two guys in any order. Jefferson could have easily gone 77th, but nope, the Bengals turned Hubbard's draft card in first, which is why Jefferson is now getting a one-year supply of free pizza. 

The former Texas linebacker is already taking advantage of his winnings. Jefferson hit up a Pizza Hut in Cincinnati on Sunday, where he gave out free pizza to everyone. 

We can probably all agree that the best way to win fans over in a new city is to give them free pizza. 

By the way, our Ryan Wilson recently listed Jefferson as the Bengals' best draft pick of 2018 due to his extremely high upside. To check out the best draft pick from the 31 other teams, be sure to click here for Wilson's story from the end of the NFL Draft