Thursday's most notable training camp fight, which concluded with Michael Bennett getting tossed from Seahawks practice by Pete Carroll, was topped by Friday's best incident.

On Friday, Jets receiver Brandon Marshall was literally picked up and carried off the field. Again, literally carried off the field.

With good reason: Marshall apparently took a swing at Darrelle Revis.

"Marshall was on the sideline and walked over to Revis, who was on the field," ESPN's Rich Cimini reported. "They exchanged words and Marshall threw a punch with his right hand. They were quickly separated. Quincy Enunwa literally picked up Marshall and carried him away. Marshall had been jawing at Revis throughout the practice.

According to Cimini, Marshall was clearly the instigator.

"Revis got the best of him early, then Marshall beat him for a long TD, trash talking Revis," Cimini wrote. "After the brief scuffle, Marshall yelled a DeAndre Hopkins comment at Revis, reminding the corner of his struggles last season against the Houston receiver -- a low blow. Marshall wouldn't shut up, screaming at Revis when he was on the sideline."

Since footage of Marshall's practice touchdown isn't available, here's one play from the game Marshall referenced:

Afterwards, Marshall said the fight really started when Revis slapped him during one-on-one drills, according to Jets senior reporter Eric Allen. Marshall also said he took issue with some of Revis' trash talk. He added that they're OK now, per NFL Network's Kimberly Jones.

Jets coach Todd Bowles also didn't make a big deal out of the scuffle, as he shouldn't. Training camp fights occur rather frequently. And no, we probably shouldn't connect this incident into the one that ended with Geno Smith in the hospital last summer. One of these incidents is something that happens across the league on a weekly basis, the other incident (a teammate getting sucker-punched away from the field) almost never happens.

This is entertainment -- not a sign that the Jets are about to implode from the inside out -- which is why it's beyond disappointing to learn that there's no video footage of Marshall getting picked up and carried off the field.