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It took nine years, but Patrick Mahomes finally got completely outplayed by an opposing quarterback, and in a total surprise, that quarterback turned out to be Zach Wilson

Over the course of his college and NFL career, Mahomes had never been involved in a game where an opposing QB had more completions, more passing yards, more TD passes and fewer interceptions, but that changed during Kansas City's 23-20 win over the Jets

According to OptaSTATS, Wilson became the first QB to pull off that feat. Mahomes went 127 starts before someone was able to finally top him in each one of those key stats. 

Mahomes has faced quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen and Joe Burrow, but none of them was able to do what Wilson pulled off against Mahomes. All it took was Wilson playing one of the best games of his career while Mahomes played one of his worst. 

The Chiefs quarterback finished 18 of 30 for 203 yards along with one touchdown and two interceptions. 

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Wilson's numbers were more impressive: The Jets quarterback completed 28 of 39 passes for 245 yards and two touchdowns. Mahomes did finish with more rushing yards than Wilson (51 to 14), but that's about the only thing that he did better. 

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Although Wilson didn't throw any interceptions, he did lose a key fumble in the fourth quarter. With just under eight minutes left to play in a game where the Jets were trailing 23-20, Wilson turned the ball over and it ended up being a brutal turnover because New York never got the ball back. 

Wilson will now go down as the one quarterback to top Mahomes in the stat book, but like most teams facing Mahomes, he didn't get the one thing that really mattered: a win.