Quarterback Tom Brady has all but taken over NFL free agency discussions as the 42-year-old quarterback decides what his future holds and what team he will be leading come next year. Even though the six-time Super Bowl champion was not in the big game this year, his name was showing up in headlines everywhere during SB week as people attempted to decipher a "cryptic" photo he posted on Instagram. 

During the game, his name was trending on Twitter as this photo turned out to be a commercial for Hulu that started out with a dramatic intro, making Patriots fans temporarily hold their breath. Though the commercial answered some questions about the previous Instagram post, it still left fans with the same amount of questions as before. 

It is not just Patriots fans who want Brady back in red and blue: his teammates want him back as well. Perhaps no one wants to see No. 12 back at Gillette Stadium more so than BFF and wide receiver Julian Edelman. The bromance between JE11 and TB12 has gone on for years and if anyone can convince Brady to stay in Foxboro, it might just be his long time sidekick. 

Edelman posted a photo, edited from the classic boombox scene in the movie "Say Anything," with the caption "Baby come back." He tagged Brady but the QB is yet to respond publicly to the post. 

This is what Brady sees when he looks out his window in whatever mansion he is staying in that week: Edelman begging him to stay.

With rumors swirling about his future from looking at schools in Tennessee and Los Angeles to house hunting in Las Vegas, Pats fans have started their own campaigns to convince their GOAT to stay put. They have written "Stay Tom" on any surface they see, including messages in the snow. It looks like now the players are joining in on this campaign. 

Brady's future with New England has always been pretty secure up to this point, but with a visibly frustrating season on offense for the team, a disappointing result and the future Hall of Famer only getting older as the years go on, the formula for being a Patriot is not as easily drawn out as it was before. 

NFL fans, and Edelman, will have to wait a little longer before they get an answer.