The Dallas Cowboys had the NFC East and the No. 1 seed all wrapped up heading into their Monday night matchup with the Detroit Lions. They could have very easily kept everything vanilla on both sides of the ball and not given anything away.

That's not how they played it. Up 28-21 late in the third quarter and driving down the field, Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan broke out an option-reverse Pass from Dez Bryant to Jason Witten, and it resulted in a touchdown.

Check it out:

There are three elements to this play: At first, it looks like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are running the high school-style option to the right side of the field. Then, it looks like Bryant is taking a reverse back to the left after he intercepts the option pitch. When DeAndre Levy comes up and bites on the reverse, though, Dez lofts it over the top to Witten, who couldn't possibly be more wide open in the end zone.

That's just great play design and execution all around.