One year after Tom Brady's jersey was stolen from the Super Bowl, an Eagles fan in Minnesota pulled off an equally brazen heist on Sunday. 

Following Philadelphia's 41-33 win over New England, a man grabbed his seat at U.S. Bank Stadium and decided to take it home. This theft might have actually been more impressive than the jersey heist, though, and that's because the man who stole the seats had to get through multiple layers of security in order to get them home. 

First, he had to kick out the seat and unhinge it after the game. Now, if you're thinking, "There were 67,000 people there, how did someone not see a man kicking out his seat?"

The answer to that question is that someone did see it. Here's two pictures that were taken by a fan at the Super Bowl. 

After stealing the seats, you still have to get out of the stadium with them, and this guy did that by apparently hiding his broken seats at a coat check. 

Now, here's the hard part: After stealing the seat, you still have to get it home, which isn't an easy thing to do if you don't live in Minnesota. This Eagles fan definitely didn't live in Minnesota, which means he had to sneak the stolen seat past airport security on Monday, and guess what? He somehow pulled that off. 

@usbankstadium you appear to be missing a seat. The drunk guy next to me has it.

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Marcus Certa, the guy who took the Instagram photo above, was actually surprised that no one took the seat from our brazen Eagles fan

"I kept waiting for somebody to say that he was too intoxicated to get on the plane or that he had a stolen item," Certa said, via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "The TSA and the feds are more concerned how much pot you have, not that you have a seat stolen from a stadium."

According to Certa, the man -- and the stolen seat -- ended up boarding an American Airlines flight that was headed to Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, the group that runs U.S. Bank Stadium, has heard about the stolen seat and is already on the case. 

"We are aware of the video of a fan leaving the stadium with a stadium seat and our security team is investigating the incident. Per our standard operating procedure, damaged or missing seats will be repaired or replaced immediately," the MSFA told in an email.

Zak Fick, the man who took the Twitter photos near the top of the page, wasn't happy that Eagles fans were stealing things from Minnesota's stadium. 

"It's like welcoming them into our home and then before going home the child has to break the china," Fick told the Star-Tribune.

For the NFL, the final Sunday of the season has slowly turned into the "Super Bowl of stealing." Besides the chair theft that took place this year, Brady also had his jerseys stolen after Super Bowl XLIX and Super Bowl LI. 

The man who stole Brady's jersey, Martin Mauricio Ortega, has been banned from all future NFL events, and there's a good chance that is going to happen to our seat stealer if the authorities catch him.