We’ve now reached Day 21 in the mystery of Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey, and so far, police have come up empty. 

As a matter of fact, the most impressive detective work to date was actually done by Brady himself: The Patriots quarterback drew up a detailed suspect board that mentioned everyone from Lady Gaga to Julian Edelman to the clown who stole Air Bud as a suspect. 

Edelman clearly was not happy about being implicated in the jersey scandal, so he made a video that was basically the perfect response to Brady. 

@tombrady we'Il find it one day bubs...but until that day comes, keep your ear to the grindstone

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Why is that perfect? 

Well, first, Brady used a “Good Will Hunting” quote when he posted a picture of his suspect board on social media. 

It’s also perfect because Edelman responded with a “Good Will Hunting” quote in his caption.

It’s also perfect because the movie and the mystery of the missing jersey are basically the same tale: In the movie, Will Hunting is a prodigy, just like Brady is a prodigy on the football field, and in the movie, Will Hunting loses something valuable (his girl), just like Brady did after the Super Bowl (his jersey).

Sure, you could argue that I’m stretching things with my analogy, but what’s not a stretch is this: No one is better at throwing someone off a case like Julian Edelman. 

You’ll notice in the video that at no point does Edelman say he’s not the thief. He’s admitting everything by admitting nothing. This case is never going to get solved.