The Patriots made waves across the NFL over the summer when they became the first team in league history to buy their own plane. Back in August, team owner Robert Kraft busted out his check book and purchased not one, but two, Boeing 767s so the Patriots could travel to their away games in style. 

The main plane, known as AirKraft, finally made its inaugural flight this week when the Patriots traveled down to Tampa for their Thursday night game against the Buccaneers

So what does an NFL team plane look like? 

The Patriots have that answer for you. The team documented their first trip on AirKraft and shared plenty of pictures on social media. 

Based on that paint job, there's a good chance you're not going to miss that if you end up at the same airport as the Patriots.

If you're wondering what the inside of the plane looks like, the Patriots offered a sneak peek in a recent Twitter video. If you scroll to the 45-second mark in the video below, you can see the seating arrangement. The video also features Patriots employee Jim Nolan (COO of Gillette Stadium) explaining why Kraft decided to purchase a plane in the first place. 

According to Nolan, the big advantage of having your own plane is that you can modify the thing. Since all other NFL teams charter a plane from a major airline, they're not allowed to make any modifications. On the other hand, the Patriots are now able to make the inside of the plane as comfortable as possible. 

"The players historically have sat on coach seats on a domestic aircraft, so what we did with these seats, was first, we got the widest and largest seat that you can put on this plane," Nolan said. "Most importantly, from a player perspective, we've added five-inches of legroom beyond what a typical first-class seat has."

Basically, the Patriots get first-first class.  

"We're trying to make the travel as comfortable as possible for every player, every coach, every member of the working party as they go down to do a job," Nolan said. 

The team plane also features assigned seats, and each player knows where to sit because their seat is marked with their number. 

Tom Brady and Matthew Slater got to spend some quality time together on the roughly three hour flight to Tampa. 

Definitely thought Brady was a window seat guy, guess I was wrong. 

The big advantage for the Patriots here is that they don't have to deal with chartering a plane anymore. Trying to get a charter has turned into a nightmare for NFL teams. Going into the 2017 season, at least eight teams were dumped by the commercial airline that they had been chartering with, which means they were all stuck looking for a last minute replacement.  

Anyway, if you want to see a few more pictures of the plane, you can check out a gallery from the Patriots by clicking here