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Ownership of the Washington Commanders could soon go from one of the most controversial figures in the NFL to one of the coolest actors in Hollywood. 

According to the Washington Post, Matthew McConaughey is exploring the possibility "of joining or forming an investment group" with the expressed intent of purchasing the Commanders. Not only would this give the Commanders a celebrity owner, it would also put the team in the hands of someone who grew up rooting for them. 

McConaughey has been a fan of the team since he was a kid and he's even been known to show up on the sidelines once in awhile. 

McConaughey would need to form an investment group because he doesn't have the funds needed to purchase the team by himself with the sale possibly approaching as high as $7 billion

According to the New York Post, McConaughey could end up joining a group led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who wouldn't have a hard time affording a potential $7 billion asking price considering he's currently the fourth-richest person in the world. Jay-Z has also reportedly been connected to Bezo's group, which means the Amazon Founder, the rapper and the Academy Award winner could end up owning the team together. 

As the co-owner of Major League Soccer's Austin FC, McConaughey has already dipped his toes in the sports ownership waters. 

The reason all of these people are suddenly interested in buying the Commanders is because Daniel Snyder announced on Nov. 2 that he's hired Bank of America "to consider potential transactions" involving the team. Snyder didn't specify whether he was looking to sell the entire team or just a small stake though, only that he would be "exploring all options."

According to, the sale process wouldn't start until March at the earliest, so any groups interested in bidding will have a few months to get their ducks in a row.