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Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick did not hold back on his feelings about Lamar Jackson sitting out the Ravens' playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Baltimore's quarterback remains out due to a PCL sprain, and Vick has no sympathy for No. 8 not suiting up for Sunday's important contest.

"It's the playoffs, you're three games away. Put a brace on it. Get it going," Vick said Saturday on "Fox NFL Kickoff."

"I played a whole season with a torn MCL."

Jackson has missed six straight weeks of practice with what he called a "Grade 2" sprain in a tweet, and that it was a borderline Grade 3 sprain. The injury was initially not categorized as season-ending as head coach John Harbaugh listed him then as "week to week." Jackson has missed five games due to the injury.

Former head coach Sean Payton does not agree with Jackson tweeting out his injury status. "I just don't like it. ... the team is more important than you." Payton added there are people in the organization who feel Jackson's process has been slower than expected.

Harbaugh was "hopeful" that Jackson would be back and available should they stay alive in the playoffs, but noted how difficult it can be to predict injury timelines.

The Ravens lost 24-17 to the Bengals on Sunday in the final wild-card game of the day.