With the NFL season less than a month away, the NFL writers here at CBSSports.com thought it was the perfect time to start ranking things, and in an effort to get every NFL fan base to hate us equally, we decided to rank all 32 fan bases.

The good news is that, for once, Cowboys fans aren't going to have anything to complain about. The bad news is that the other 31 fan bases probably aren't going to be happy with our rankings.

Of course, when you're not happy with something, you need someone to complain to, so let me introduce the five panelists who voted in our fan rankings (aka, the people you should vent to after you notice how low your team's fan base is ranked).

The fan rankings were voted on by five of our NFL writers here at CBSSports.com: Will Brinson, Ryan Wilson, John Breech, Jared Dubin and Sean Wagner-McGough.

If you want to yell at any of them, feel free to take your complaints to Twitter.

For instance, if you want to know why Brinson hates Dolphins fans, you can ask him on Twitter by clicking here (Brinson ranked the Dolphins as the second-worst fan base in the NFL).

On the other hand, maybe you want to know why Wilson ranked Bills fans as the sixth-worst fan base. Feel free to ask him by clicking here.

Do the Chargers have the worst fan base in football? Wagner-McGough says yes. Send complaints here, Chargers fans.

Should Eagles fans be ranked in the bottom 10? Dubin says yes, and was the only panelist who didn't rank Philly's fans in the top 10 overall. He ranked them 23rd. Eagles fans, you can yell at him on Twitter here.

Cardinals fans got no respect from Breech, who ranked them 25th overall. If any Arizona fans use the internet, feel free to bash Breech here.

Anyway, the rankings were tabulated by averaging all five votes for each team, and just so you know who to yell at, you'll find that each team's lowest vote and highest vote are listed below.

As a bonus, we've also thrown in a celebrity fan from each team because celebrities are fun.

NFL Fan Base Rankings

1. Dallas Cowboys

No, Jerry Jones didn't write us a gigantic check, the Cowboys are actually No. 1 on this list. That's right America, America's Team has America's best fan base, which is a good thing for the Cowboys, because no one else in the country seems to like the Cowboys or their fans. As a matter of fact, the Cowboys were actually voted America's least favorite team in a recent poll.

Although it's easy to bash Cowboys fans -- and people do it all the time -- the truth is, it's pretty easy to make the argument that they're the best fan base in football.

Despite the fact that Jones has been putting together completely average teams for most of the past 20 years, fans haven't been jumping off the bandwagon. Not only did the Cowboys lead the NFL in attendance last year with an average of over 91,000 people per game, but their merchandise is also popular: Four of the top five selling jerseys in the NFL between March 2016 and May 2016 were Cowboys players.

It's cold in Green Bay? Don't tell Cowboys fans that. USATSI

The best thing about all Cowboys fans is that they basically have two things in common: They'll defend Romo until death and they'll argue until the end of time that Dez caught it. I'm not kidding, especially with the "Dez caught it" thing.

Famous Cowboys fan you should know: LeBron James. "If LeBron can end Cleveland's title drought, then Tony Romo can end the Cowboys' title drought" is not the mindset you should have going into 2016, Cowboys fans. If you think like that, the year's only going to end in heartbreak.

Highest Cowboys ranking: 1 (Brinson)
Lowest Cowboys ranking: 5 (Breech)

T-2. New England Patriots

Depending on who you ask, Patriots fans are either the most insufferable in football or the best fans on earth. Based on our voting, our panel is definitely leaning toward option No. 2. The best thing about Patriots fans is that they all basically live by the same three commandments:

  1. Deflategate's a sham.
  2. Roger Goodell should be fired.
  3. Tom Brady is God.

Let's just go ahead and sum all of that up in one photo.

Patriots Nation is Strong! #firegoddell #patriots #newenglandpatriots #edelman11 #brady #gronk #patriotsplace #goat

A photo posted by Angela Disney Travel Planner (@worldofwishesbyangela) on

If 2016 goes perfectly for Patriots fans, the season will end with New England winning the Super Bowl, Brady winning MVP and Goodell being forced out after being caught drinking Smirnoff Ice on the job, because he apparently does drink Smirnoff Ice.

Famous Patriots fan you should know: Ben Affleck. We can't justify putting anyone else here after Affleck's amazing/scary/bizarre/crazy/wild/possibly drunken rant from earlier this summer.

Highest Patriots ranking: 1 (Wagner-McGough)
Lowest Patriots ranking: 5 (Wilson)

T-2. Green Bay Packers

The craziest thing about the Packers fan base isn't the fact that they wear cheese on their head or own stock in their team, it's the fact that over half the population of Green Bay shows up to Lambeau Field every Sunday. The Packers averaged 78,413 fans per game last season, which doesn't sound ridiculously impressive until you consider the fact that Green Bay only has a population of 105,000.

The only downside of going to a Packers game is that this is what most fans look like after the game.

Famous Packers fan you should know: Justin Timberlake. Although Timberlake's from Tennessee, he's definitely not a Titans fan, and judging by our rankings, not many people are.

Honorable mention: James Van Der Beek.

Highest Packers ranking: 1 (Breech, Wilson, Dubin)
Lowest Packers ranking: 7 (Brinson)

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Every baby born in Pittsburgh is basically given a Terrible Towel and a Steelers jersey at birth. You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

Steelers fans aren't just limited to Pittsburgh, though. If you've ever watched a Steelers away game on television, you may have noticed that half the stadium -- or more -- is filled with Steelers fans.

The irony of Steelers fans is that one of the NFL's best fan bases might actually be its most hated.

Famous Steelers fan you should know: Michael Keaton. If you played Batman, the automatically makes you the most famous fan of any team you cheer for.

Highest Steelers ranking: 2 (Breech)
Lowest Steelers ranking: 5 (Dubin)

5. Seattle Seahawks

The stadium in Seattle should be called the "Natural Disaster" because every time you're there it sounds like an earthquake, a volcanic eruption and a typhoon are all happening at the same time. Seahawks fans are so loud that the team actually keeps track of how many false starts the fans have caused over the past 11 years.

The only way Seahawks can be any louder in 2016 is if the team decides to give every fan free nanobubbles before every game. Nanobubbles have been scientifically proven to make everything in your body work better, including your vocal cords.* (*This statement hasn't been scientifically proven.)

Famous Seahawks fan you should known: Dwight from The Office. Rainn Wilson is the guy who plays Dwight, and although he's a good actor, he's not so good at Super Bowl predictions.

Highest Seahawks ranking: 2 (Dubin)
Lowest Seahawks ranking: 10 (Wagner-McGough)

6. Oakland Raiders

When you have fans named Dr. Death, and fans who wear spiked shoulder pads, we make sure to rank your fan base as highly as possible for our own safety.

Despite the fact that the team's on the verge of relocating for the third time in 35 years, the fans are still sticking with them. Not only have the Raiders sold out their season ticket allotment for 2016, but they also have three players in the top-16 of NFL jersey sales this year.

Famous Raiders fan you need to know: Guy Fieri. Actually, let's go with Tiger Woods. The Raiders are all he has right now.

Fieri gets honorable mention though, because he convinced coach Jack Del Rio to join Twitter.

Highest Raiders ranking: 4 (Wagner-McGough)
Lowest Raiders ranking: 10 (Wilson)

7. Denver Broncos

Even though the temperature in Denver is basically absolute zero during the winter, that hasn't stopped Broncos fans from selling out every home game at Mile High Stadium since the beginning of the 1970 season, which is unbelievably impressive. (By the way, since Sports Authority isn now bankrupt, I'll be referring to the Broncos' stadium to Mile High Stadium, unless a pot company buys the naming rights, then I'll definitely use the pot company's name).

Of course, when you're stuck watching your favorite team out in the cold, there's only one thing to do to stay warm and Broncos fans do it well.

When your relationship is basically football and liquor #broncoscountry #playoffs

A photo posted by Danielle Sexton (@sextononthebeach) on

Famous Broncos fan you need to know: Kate Hudson. The 2001 Oscar-nominated actress likes the Broncos so much that she sometimes Snapchats about them. You know your team is awesome if Kate Hudson is Snapchatting about them.

Honorable mention: Jessica Biel and the creators of South Park.

Highest Broncos ranking: 4 (Breech)
Lowest Broncos ranking: 14 (Brinson)

8. Cleveland Browns

Despite the fact that the Browns have zero playoff appearances over the past 13 seasons, their fans keep showing up to games, which is even more impressive when you consider that the team has basically been a disaster since re-entering the league in 1999.

When you're the fan of a bad team, the NFL Draft is usually the one event you can look forward to every year. Unfortunately, that's not usually the case for Browns fans because turning on the draft and watching the Browns' front office blow all their picks has basically become an annual tradition in Cleveland (first-round picks from 2012-14: Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden, Barkevious Mingo, Johnny Manziel, Justin Gilbert).

Famous Browns fan you should know: Condoleezza Rice. Her popularity is slowly growing in Cleveland. If this Hue Jackson thing doesn't work, it sounds like Browns fans are ready to give Condi a try.

Highest Browns ranking: 4 (Brinson)
Lowest Browns ranking: 13 (Breech)

9. Chicago Bears

When you're fan base has been immortalized by Saturday Night Live, you make the top-10 of our fan base rankings. Let's cheers to that.

Famous fan you should know: Tie between President Obama and Ashton Kutcher.

I know what you're thinking, "This shouldn't be a tie, Obama's the president and Kutcher's never made a good movie!" To that, I say, you've clearly never seen Dude, Where's My Car. Kutcher also gets bonus points for bringing Mila Kunis on the Bears bandwagon.

Highest Bears ranking: 6 (Brinson)
Lowest Bears ranking: 12 (Wilson)

10. Philadelphia Eagles

As a member of the media, I'm contractually obligated to mention the time that Eagles fans booed Santa. We're not going to hold that against them though because sometimes Santa deserves to be booed, and also, that booing incident happened almost 50 years ago. We could also bring up the time they cheered after Michael Irvin suffered a serious injury or the time time that an Eagles fan stole a prosthetic leg from a homeless guy, but there's no need to. Our panel has spoken and our panel says the Eagles have the 10th-best fan base in the NFL.

On a somewhat related note, things are looking good with the younger generation of Eagles' fans. Pretty sure the kid below is going to be an Eagles fan for life. Look at that smile.

#eaglestrainingcamp #littlefan #eaglescheerleaders #flyeaglesfly #gobirds

A photo posted by Gabriela Caceres Kenny (@gabriela.kenny) on

Famous Eagles fan you should know: Bradley Cooper. Anyone who's willing to dress up as a mascot is clearly serious about their team.

Highest Eagles ranking: 8 (Breech, Wilson)
Lowest Eagles ranking: 23 (Dubin)

11. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers were all over the place in our voting. They ranked as high as 7th on one ballot (Breech) and as low as 23rd on another (Wilson). If this ranking had been based on which fan base starts the most brawls, the 49ers definitely would've come in first. If you don't believe me, just Google "49ers fans get in a fight." There's like 1 million results.

They don't seem to play favorites in their fights, either. In the past two years, 49ers fans have beaten up a Cardinals fan, a Vikings fan and another 49ers fan.

That being said, there is some good news here 49ers fans: Anquan Boldin still likes you guys.

Famous 49ers fan you should know: Rob Schneider. Schneider actually seems to have a lot in common with most 49ers fans: He's not a fan of Jed York.

Highest 49ers ranking: 7 (Breech)
Lowest 49ers ranking: 23 (Wilson)

12. Washington Redskins

The Redskins have one of the most despised owners in sports and the most controversial nickname in the NFL, but that doesn't seem to be bothering anyone in D.C., or actually, maybe it does. Over the past three years, the Redskins have ranked in the bottom three in attendance. Since 2013, fans have bought less than 90 percent of the available tickets for home games. Only the Raiders and Rams have been worse during that period.

Famous Redskins fans you need to know: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Durant. Coincidentally, these two tried to destroy each other in fantasy football last year.

Highest Redskins ranking: 9 (Wilson)
Lowest Redskins ranking: 16 (Breech and Dubin)

13. New York Giants

Giants fans don't always agree with the moves made by the team's front office. For instance, here was the reaction when the team drafted Eli Apple during the first round of April's NFL Draft.

Although fans seem to have a love-hate relationship with the front office, they have a love-love relationship with the team, which is why they keep showing up for games. Based on the Giants' recent history, not only will the Eli Apple pick work out, but he'll end up having three interceptions in Super Bowl 54 to help propel New York to a 24-7 win over the undefeated Patriots, who are being led by a 42-year-old Tom Brady.

Famous Giants fan you need to know: Daniel Radcliffe. If you're wondering how the Giants were able to beat the Patriots in two Super Bowls, you can stop wondering now, Harry Potter clearly used some of his magic.

Highest Giants ranking: 10 (Dubin)
Lowest Giants ranking: 17 (Brinson)

14. New Orleans Saints

Whoever decided to put an NFL stadium right next to Bourbon Street should be given free season tickets for life. Thanks to the location of the SuperDome, Saints fans have one of the best pregame tailgate options in the entire country: The French Quarter.

Fans love it. I love it. And the best part is that the juiced up fans usually make for rowdy homefield advantage.

There's nothing not to like about Saints fans, except this guy, no one really likes this guy.

Famous Saints fan you need to know: Britney Spears. Saints fans, let me go ahead and plan the rest of your summer for you: Go see Britney in Vegas, and while you're there, you can bet on the Saints to win the Super Bowl.

Highest Saints ranking: 11 (Wilson)
Lowest Saints ranking: 18 (Brinson)

15. Baltimore Ravens

Forget Joe Flacco, the bigger question we should be asking ourselves is, "Are Ravens fans elite?" If we're going strictly by attendance (100 percent capacity in 2015) and haircuts, then the answer is yes.

Famous Ravens fan you need to know: Michael Phelps. Phelps is probably sad that he'll be missing most of Ravens training camp this year because of that thing he has going on in Rio.

Highest Ravens ranking: 12 (Breech)
Lowest Ravens ranking: 20 (Wagner-McGough)

T-16. Carolina Panthers

Super Bowl 50 is a good example of why the Panthers are ranked 16th on this list and not, say, seventh. Panthers fans were so outnumbered at Levi's Stadium that some Broncos players said it felt like Denver was playing a home game.

Also, let's never forget that one time when that one Panthers fan fell asleep at that one game.

Staying awake at an NFL game can be tough sometimes. CBSSports.com

Famous Panthers fan you need to know: Stephen Curry.

That's the face you make when your team and your favorite NFL team both lose their biggest games of the season.

Highest Panthers ranking: 9 (Brinson)
Lowest Panthers ranking: 22 (Wagner-McGough)

T-16. New York Jets

If you want to feel sorry for a fan base, the Jets are a good one to pick. Not only are they stuck in a city where their team is second fiddle, but they're cheering for a team that's pinning its entire 2016 hopes on Ryan Fitzpatrick -- RYAN FITZPATRICK! That's like holding a rap festival and pinning your hopes for success on Justin Bieber showing up. Never ask Fitzpatrick to lead a team to the playoffs. Never ask Bieber to headline a rap festival.

Famous fan you should know: Adam Sandler. Now that Sandler's done making movies, he can start supporting the Jets full time. And if you try and tell me he's not done making movies, I won't believe you. Netflix movies don't count.

Highest Jets ranking: 15 (Brinson, Dubin, Wagner-McGough)
Lowest Jets ranking: 22 (Wilson)

18. Cincinnati Bengals

The fact that this team has any fans left at all after what happened in the 1990s is a minor miracle. Thankfully, the Bengals fans who didn't jump ship in the '90s have been rewarded with 25 straight years of no playoff wins. Wait, that's not a reward.

Famous fan you should know: George Clooney.

Honorable mention: Nick Lachey. Lachey went through a roller coaster of emotions after the Bengals playoff loss to the Steelers.

Probably should just write a song about it, Nick.

Also, you know things are ugly when Arsenio Hall tweets at you after the game.

Thankfully Lachey's still a Bengals fan because Breech talked him off the ledge after the playoff loss.

Highest Bengals ranking: 13 (Wilson)
Lowest Bengals ranking: 23 (Wagner-McGough)

19. Kansas City Chiefs

Apparently, Chiefs fans are already tired of watching Alex Smith throw check down passes. Since Smith's arrival in 2013, the team has ranked in the bottom half of attendance in the NFL. On the other hand, if the Cooking Channel ever decides to create a show based on NFL tailgating sites, they need to start in Kansas City because everyone there knows how to barbecue. The entire Arrowhead Stadium complex basically smells like meat-filled potluck buffett every Sunday.

Famous Chiefs fan you should know: Paul Rudd. If the Chiefs ever win the Super Bowl, Rudd will make a movie out of their season and that movie will win five Oscars.

Honorable mention: Brad Pitt. Pitt was raised in Missouri, and still gives the team an occasional shout out.

Highest Chiefs ranking: 13 (Dubin)
Lowest Chiefs ranking: 25 (Brinson)

20. Indianapolis Colts

The nice thing about Colts fans is that they're basically the nicest people on earth.

They also regularly sell out their stadium and do ridiculous things like drive 1,780 miles to see their team practice at training camp.

Maybe we should've ranked Colts fans higher.

Famous Colts fan you should know: Rob Lowe. Lowe will definitely always be the go-to-celebrity for breaking Colts news.

Highest Colts ranking: 16 (Wagner-McGough)
Lowest Colts ranking: 22 (Dubin)

21. Arizona Cardinals

Thanks to their recent success, the Cardinals seem to be gaining more and more fans every year, Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like any of those fans use the internet. The team ranks among the bottom eight in the NFL in both Twitter followers and Facebook likes. They seem to be doing well on Instagram though!

Wall girls supporting our team ❤️🏈🍻 #cardscamp #wallgirlproblems

A photo posted by Layne Wall (@laynewall) on

Famous Cardinals fan you should know: Celebrites named John seem to have a thing for Arizona. Not only is John McCain a fan (for obvious reasons), but so is Jon Hamm. As a matter of fact, the actor is such a big fan that he actually narrated the team's Amazon docu-series.

Honorable mention: Everyone in this photo.

Highest Cardinals ranking: 12 (Brinson)
Lowest Cardinals ranking: 25 (Breech)

22. Minnesota Vikings

If Vikings fans proved one thing in 2015, it's that they don't need Ragnar's help trying to figure out when to cheer at home games. After the team decided to dump Ragnar prior to the 2015 season, fans responded by creating a homefield advantage that helped the Vikings go 6-2.

Of course, sometimes being a Vikings fan can be a real kick in the face.

Famous fan you should know: Josh Duhamel. The Transformers star is such a big Vikings fan that he stopped by U.S. Bank Stadium this summer to make sure that the stadium project was on schedule. Basically Vikings fans, you can thank Duhamel that the stadium opened on time.

Honorable mention: Ryan Lochte. When Lochte's not in Rio representing America for the Olympics, he's at home blowing his Gjallarhorn every time the Vikings score.

Posthumus mention: Prince

Highest Vikings ranking: 17 (Dubin)
Lowest Vikings ranking: 26 (Brinson)

23. Buffalo Bills

If this ranking was based on which fan base is the craziest, then the Bills probably would've won. The Bills fan base has basically turned into a YouTube phenomenon that you can watch weekly during the regular season. Broken tables? Giant fires? Suplexes? Those seem to happen regularly when you tailgate with a Bills fan.

Here's a compilation of the craziness that went on in 2015 (via Deadspin)

Famous Bills fan you should know: John Roberts. If the suspension part of the Tom Brady case had made it to the supreme court, the Chief Justice -- who happens to be a Bills fan -- probably would've tried to ban Brady for life.

Highest Bills ranking: 18 (Breech)
Lowest Bills ranking: 27 (Wilson

24. Detroit Lions

If you see a Lions fan this week, give them a hug because they probably if they've been cheering for Detroit their entire life. The Lions have the fewest playoff wins of any team during the Super Bowl era, which is pretty bad when you consider the fact that three of the teams (Jaguars, Panthers, Texans) didn't even exist before 1995 (2002 for the Texans). If Lions fans eventually give up on the team, you can't really blame them, Detroit has only won one playoff game since 1958.

Famous Lions fan you need to know: Kid Rock. Actually, maybe you don't need to know him because apparently, Lions fans don't like Kid Rock.

Highest Lions ranking: 19 (Wilson, Wagner-McGough)
Lowest Lions ranking: 27 (Brinson)

25. Houston Texans

The Texans have existed for less than 15 years, so it's not a complete shock to see them this low on the list. On the other hand, it's nice to know that Texans fans are full of confidence, despite the fact that J.J. Watt has a back injury and Brock Osweiler is their starting quarterback.

Famous Texans fan you need to know: George H.W. Bush. When you're a former president, you get the best seat in the house.

Highest Texans ranking: 22 (Brinson)
Lowest Texans ranking: 29 (Breech)

26. Miami Dolphins

Dolphins fans love talking about the team's undefeated season in 1972 even though only about 20 percent of them were actually alive when it happened. On the other hand, the team hasn't given its fans much to talk about recently. The team's best season of the 21st century happened almost by accident in 2008 when coach Tony Sparano got so desperate in Week 3 that he decided to run the "wildcat" offense. Using that formation, the 11-5 Dolphins went to the playoffs that season, their lone appearance since 2002.

The good news for fans is that Dolphins games should actually be bearable this year now that there's a giant canopy covering the stadium.

On the other hand, that canopy will likely mean less bikinis and shirtless dudes at the game. Not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing.

Famous Dolphins Fan you should know: Twenty years ago, we would've given this honor to Darius Rucker, but since he hasn't been relevant since 1996, we're going with Daniel Tosh. Not only is the comedian a long-suffering Dolphins fan ...

But he's always trying to help the team.

Highest Dolphins ranking: 23 (Breech)
Lowest Dolphins ranking: 31 (Brinson)

27. Atlanta Falcons

Falcons fans are probably the only group in this rankings that actually cost their team a draft pick. Fans at the Georgia Dome were so quiet in 2013 and 2014 that the team decided to pump in FAKE crowd noise during home games. That's a great idea in theory, unfortunately for the Falcons though, it's an illegal idea.

The NFL fined the team $350,000 and docked them a fifth-round pick for pumping in the fake noise. Falcons fans, coach Dan Quinn is basically begging you to make noise this year. The Falcons biggest problem is that zero percent of the people who live in Atlanta are actually from Atlanta, which means most NFL fans in the city are actually fans of other teams.

Famous Falcons fan you should know: Samuel L. Jackson. When Jackson isn't playing bit roles in every single movie ever released, he's cheering on the Falcons.

Highest Falcons ranking: 25 (Wagner-McGough)
Lowest Falcons ranking: 29 (Wilson)

28. San Diego Chargers

People in San Diego would rather have Comic-Con than the Chargers, and really, can you blame them? Chargers fans will face an impossible dilemma in November when they have to decide if they should vote "yes" to raise taxes for a new stadium. Breech lives in San Diego, and said that he will be voting for the Chargers to stay, so that's one vote.

Famous Chargers fan you should know: Phil Mickelson. If the Chargers want to keep Mickelson as a fan, they better not leave San Diego.

Highest Chargers ranking: 24 (Brinson, Dubin)
Lowest Chargers ranking: 32 (Wagner-McGough)

T-29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are one of three teams in Florida that landed in near the bottom of our rankings. There's only one person to blame for this: Florida Man.

And no Florida Man, you can't coach the Bucs.

Famous Buccaneers fan you need to know: Dick Vitale. Vitale is such a big Buccaneers fan that he tried to draft himself in April.

Highest Buccaneers ranking: 26 (Dubin)
Lowest Buccaneers ranking: 29 (Wilson)

T-29. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars fans haven't really gotten to root for a winner recently, but don't feel bad for them because they get to have way more fun than any other fan base.

First of all, there's a pool at the stadium.

Also, every Jaguars fan apparently has enough money to quit their job to play Pokemon Go full time.

And finally, let's not forget about the fact that Jaguars fans are more football knowledgeable than the rest of us.

The NFL is officially on notice: The Jaguars are going to steal the show this year.

Famous Jaguars fan you need to know: Paul McCartney. It's almost ironic that McCartney's favorite NFL team happens to be the one that plays in England the most.

Highest Jaguars ranking: 20 (Brinson)
Lowest Jaguars ranking: 32 (Breech)

31. Tennessee Titans

The bad thing about being a Titans fan is that you're stuck cheering for a team that's only had one winning record over the past seven seasons. The good news though is that apparently, everyone in Nashville is eventually going to get an autograph from Marcus Mariota.

Famous Titans fan you should know: Faith Hill. The last time the Titans had a winning season came when Matt Hasselbeck was the quarterback in 2011, and let's be honest, that winning season probably doesn't happen without Faith Hill.

Highest Titans ranking: 30 (Breech, Brinson)

Lowest Titans ranking: 31 (Wilson, Dubin, Wagner-McGough)

32. Los Angeles Rams

When part of your fan base is suing you, that's generally not a good thing, and that's exactly what's happening to the Rams right now. The team is facing at least two lawsuits from Rams fans in St. Louis who aren't happy that the team decided to relocate to Los Angeles.

On the other hand, L.A. seems happy to have the Rams back.

Unfortunately, there's no way to tell if this enthusiasm will last. We'll check back in with Rams fans in 12 years after Jeff Fisher leads the team to 11 8-8 records and one 9-7 record. If fans are still excited at that point, we'll move the Rams up the list.

Famous Rams fan you should know: We would say Nelly, but it doesn't sound like he wants anything to do with the team anymore.

New most famous fan: Ryan Seacrest

Highest Rams ranking: 30 (Dubin, Wagner-McGough)
Lowest Rams ranking: 32 (Wilson, Brinson)

That's our rankings. Seacrest out.