The Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers entered Sunday's NFC Championship rematch with plenty of emotion, exchanging barbs in anticipation of a brawl. But the physicality reached a new degree in the third quarter of San Francisco's 42-19 blowout win, when both 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw and Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro were ejected from the matchup due to a sideline scuffle following a late hit. According to ESPN, discipline from the NFL could be coming as they report "a follow-up with the Eagles" could occur this week.

Tensions were already high when Eagles receiver DeVonta Smith hauled in a first-down pass about halfway through the third quarter. Greenlaw didn't just tackle him when he reached the sideline where teammates already had Smith wrapped up, however; he lifted Smith up and threw him to the ground, prompting plenty of jawing from Eagles staffers on the sidelines.

DiSandro, in particular, was vocal about the hit, which officials immediately flagged for unnecessary roughness. The security officer, who is well known in Philadelphia as a longtime team employee and Eagles player advocate, made contact with Greenlaw from the sidelines, and the linebacker responded by jabbing a hand in DiSandro's face, with replays revealing he also made contact.

Officials subsequently ejected Greenlaw, then had DiSandro leave the sidelines as well. Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field could be seen giving DiSandro a standing ovation as he left for the locker room.

The Eagles went on to score a touchdown on the drive in which Greenlaw was disqualified, but the 49ers responded with a score of their own on the following series. Both drives included additional personal fouls as emotions ran high.