If you've ever been on the internet in your life, then you've probably read at least one conspiracy theory and if you've been on the internet over the past eight months, then you may already know that one of the most popular conspiracy theories right now is that the NFL IS SCRIPTED. 

The best part of this conspiracy theory is that the league has decided to fully embrace it. With the kickoff of the 2023 season just around the corner, the NFL started a new ad campaign this week that gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how the script came together for the upcoming season. 

Keegan Michael-Key serves as the "director" who is in charge of putting the script together and he does that by soliciting ideas from both writers and current players. If you're wondering how crazy things might get this season, the writers are considering writing Patrick Mahomes out of the 2023 season so that other teams have a chance to win the Super Bowl

You know what, I'm going to stop explaining things, let's just watch the commercial. 

The entire video is pretty funny, but I have say, it's Kirk Cousins who steals the show. If you would have asked me last year to rank every player in the NFL by their chances of showing up shirtless in a commercial, I would have ranked Cousins dead last, but after the 2022 season, we have a new Cousins and the new Cousins is more than willing to go shirtless in front of the camera. 

Besides Cousins, the script writers were also looking to add a love angle to the 2023 season, which led to Donna Kelce making an interesting suggestion. 

"What if that Jimmy Garoppolo character fell in love with my character," Donna says. 

Donna's son, Travis, seemed to be on board with the idea. 

"That's a good looking guy right there, Mom. I see where you're going," Travis said. 

You can see the Kelce family interact below. 

If Donna Kelce ends up on a date with Jimmy Garoppolo, then we'll know that the NFL is actually scripted. 

According to Ad Week, the NFL will be running 16 different commercials over the course of the season. 

As for whether the NFL is scripted, the league script says that we're not allowed to say.