Just minutes after the Packers officially announced that Aaron Rodgers would likely miss the rest of the season with a broken collarbone, NFL fans on the internet started doing what NFL fans on the internet do best in that situation: suggesting names of quarterbacks that the Packers should now sign. 

Everyone from Colin Kaepernick to Tony Romo to Brett Favre was mentioned as a possible replacement for Rodgers. However, don't look for those three guys -- or anyone, for that matter -- to sign with Green Bay anytime soon, because it seems that Packers coach Mike McCarthy is more than happy to move forward with the quarterbacks he already has on his roster

"As far as the quarterback position, Brett Hundley is my quarterback, Joe Callahan is the backup," McCarthy said after Green Bay's 23-10 loss to the Vikings on Sunday. "That's the direction we're going."

During a press conference on Monday, McCarthy was directly asked if his team would consider signing Kaepernick and he shot that idea down pretty quickly. 

Obviously, as you can see, the Packers are clearly planning to roll with Hundley. 

Although Hundley struggled against the Vikings -- he threw three interceptions -- McCarthy still believes he's the best man for the job in Green Bay

"I have confidence in Brett Hundley, but more importantly it's how it all fits together," McCarthy said, via ESPN.com. "So we're going to have strengths as an offense, we're going to focus on those, look at the matchup of our opponent and then we're going to go get it."

The loss to the Vikings marked the first time in Hundley's two-year career that he's thrown more than four passes in a game. After completing just 18 of 33 passes for 157 yards against the Vikings, Hundley pointed out that we probably shouldn't judge him for his performance in Minnesota because the Packers' entire game plan on Sunday was designed around Rodgers. 

"Aaron likes certain things, I like certain things," Hundley said. "It is what it is. We're able to talk about that, obviously during the week, especially when Aaron's healthy, he takes all of it and we game plan with Aaron. You've just sort of got to make it work on the field when we go in there [as a backup]."

At least one Packers reciever feels the same way as Hundley. Randall Cobb said that the Packers were stuck running a lot of "base call" after Rodgers left the game, which is something they won't have to do going forward when the game plan is designed for Hundley. 

"It's important for us to make sure that Brett has the opportunity to have a game plan for Brett," Cobb said. "This game plan was obviously for Aaron. With [Hundley], we had to go to some of the base calls and do some different things up front. We'll go back to the drawing boards now."

One other thing that will likely help Hundley is that he'll be taking nearly all the snaps in practice for the rest of the season. 

"It's different as a backup when you don't get any reps during the week and then you're sort of out there," Hundley said. "But we've got to prepare that way and that's the way that I've been preparing as the starter week in and week out. So it'll be a little different this week, actually get the reps and get the walk-through with our offense. So it'll for sure be better and we'll have some fun."

According to our friends at SportsLine, Kaepernick would actually be a slight improvement over Hundley. In a simulation of Green Bay's season without Rodgers, the Packers would be projected to win 8.7 games with a Kaepernick versus just 8.1 games with Hundley (the projection with a healthy Rodgers is 10.3 wins). 

Even if the Packers are comfortable with Hundley, they might want to think about bringing in someone else just in case something happens to him. As things stand now, Callahan is currently the backup quarterback, which isn't an ideal situation. The former D-III player, who has never played an NFL snap, is just one Hundley injury away from being the starting quarterback in Green Bay. 

At the minimum, McCarthy should think about bringing someone in to serve as backup quarterback, because, right now, all the Packers have on their roster are two quarterbacks who have combined to start exactly zero regular-season NFL games.