Greg Fiume/Getty Images

For the second time this season, Patrick Mahomes' brother has found himself mired in controversy. Fans in Washington were not happy with Jackson Mahomes on Sunday after he released a TikTok video that showed him dancing on Sean Taylor's retired number. 

The Football Team held a ceremony on Sunday to honor Taylor, who was shot to death during a burglary attempt at his home in November 2007. 

As part of the ceremony, Washington had Taylor's number painted on the sideline on the visitor's side of the field. Jackson just happened to be on the field before the game and he came under fire almost instantly after releasing the video below on TikTok. 

The younger Mahomes apologized for his actions on Sunday night, just a few hours after watching his brother lead the Chiefs to a 31-13 win over Washington. 

Although it's easy to see why fans were fired up about Jackson's actions, the explanation in his apology actually makes some sense. There's photographic evidence from the game that shows multiple people standing on Taylor's number and it's pretty clear they were directed to be standing in that location. At most NFL stadiums, if you have a sideline pass to get on the field before the game, there's only a small area where you're allowed to stand and for whatever reason, the spot where Taylor's number was painted was the area where Washington chose to put fans. 

If Washington didn't want them standing on the Taylor's number, someone in the organization could have simply said, "Hey, can you guys try to avoid standing on the number?" 

Speaking of Washington, the team's fans didn't just have a problem with Jackson Mahomes' actions, they also took issue with how the team handled the Taylor ceremony. 

The Taylor ceremony was announced just days before the game. As a matter of fact, the announcement came so late that the team eventually apologized for not giving fans more notice so that they could attend the ceremony. 

As for Jackson Mahomes, this isn't the first time the opposing team's fans have taken issue with something he did. Back in Week 2, Jackson was in the headlines for throwing water on two Ravens fans after Baltimore beat Kansas City 36-35.