Being sad has worked out pretty well for Post Malone to this point in his rap career, so hopefully he'll be able to take Saturday's Cowboys loss in stride. 

The rapper is a Texas native and Cowboys fan, so it wasn't a huge surprise to see him on hand for the Divisional Round playoff matchup between Dallas and the L.A. Rams at the Coliseum this weekend. Alongside him was fellow rapper YG, who hails from Compton and is a Rams fan.

As they say, keep your friends close...

Heading into the matchup, Post Malone apparently felt quite confident in his 'Boys taking out the NFC's No. 2 seed on the road -- confident enough to put $20,000 on the line. (Though, to be fair, that's somewhat chump change for a dude whose net worth currently sits around $14 million.)

Of course, things didn't go so well once the game kicked off and, ultimately, it was the Rams who took the dub, moving on to the NFC Championship Game with a 30-22 victory.

YG didn't exactly let his friend off the hook easy. The only thing worse than having to watch your team lose in the playoffs is having to do it while a friend gloats and sticks a camera in your face. 

Post Malone's posture here screams of a man who's absolutely defeated, but at least he can still smile and drink his beer. 

His team may be done and his wallet might be a bit lighter, but at least Post Malone got some solid pics for the 'Gram.  

It's just too bad he couldn't meet up with Tony Romo for the clowns and all the bozos.