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Justin Tucker may be the best kicker in NFL history, but right now, he no longer holds the title for most accurate kicker. 

For the first time in five years, Tucker has been knocked from the top of the NFL's all-time list. Going into Week 12, Tucker was first on the list, but after missing a 44-yard field goal against the Chargers, his career accuracy percentage dropped from 90.14% to 89.93%. 

That one miss was enough to knock him off the perch as the NFL's most accurate kicker ever. 

The new title-holder is Younghoe Koo, who has hit exactly 90% of the field goals that he's attempted in his career. Here's a look at the top-five on the NFL's all-time ranking for most accurate kickers (minimum 100 attempts): 

1. Younghoe Koo: 90%
2. Justin Tucker: 89.93%
3. Harrison Butker: 89.32%
4. Daniel Carlson: 87.63%
5. Chris Boswell: 87.11%

Although Koo is currently at the top of this list, he might not be there for long. If the Falcons kicker misses a single field goal against the Jets on Sunday, Tucker will reclaim the top spot. (The Ravens have a Week 13 bye, so Tucker's percentage won't be changing.) 

Besides Tucker and Koo, Butker could also end up at No. 1 by the end of the season. The Chiefs kicker is a perfect 20 of 20 on field goals this year, and if he ends the season without missing a single kick, there's a very real chance that he could be No. 1 heading into 2024. 

As for Tucker, this marks the first time since Week 13 of the 2017 season that he doesn't hold the title as the NFL's most accurate kicker. After Week 13 that year, Dan Bailey actually held the title with an accuracy rate of 89.90% (compared to Tucker's 89.86%), but Bailey missed two field goals in Week 14 and Tucker held the title until Koo passed him on Sunday. 

Although Tucker is now behind Koo on the all-time accuracy list, don't let that fool you: Tucker is still arguably the best kicker in NFL history. For one, Koo gets to kick indoors, which means he doesn't have to deal with the weather that Tucker is dealing with every week in Baltimore. 

And let's not forget that Tucker has been asked to attempt kicks that the Falcons would never ask of Koo. For example, Tucker has attempted nine field goals of 60 yards or more in his career (2-for-9), while Koo has only attempted one (0-for-1). If you took out those 60-yard kicks, Tucker would be back on top. 

Also, the longest field goal of Koo's career is 54 yards. He's only attempted two kicks longer than that and missed both. As for Tucker, he's hit 18 field goals of 55 yards or longer -- remember, Koo has zero at that range -- including an NFL-record 66-yard kick that beat the Lions back in 2021. Koo is certainly a great kicker, but he isn't quite in Tucker's league just yet.