Ray Lewis has a theory on why things have gotten kind of crazy for Odell Beckham Jr. this offseason and apparently, it's because Beckham has dumped God from his life. 

During an interview with Colin Cowherd on Monday, the host asked Lewis a simple question: "If you could sit down with Odell Beckham for 10 minutes, what would you tell him?"

That's when Lewis dropped his theory about Beckham's chaotic offseason. 

"Where there's no God, there's chaos," Lewis said. "Odell has removed God from his life. This is a kid that grew up under the covenant of who God really is and everything that he's doing, he's crying out for help. We have a lot of people reporting about him, but it's always been the duty of elders to go back to help them, so that's why I raised my hand and I told him, 'I'm here. Whatever you need.'"

Apparently, at first, the receiver was receptive to taking advice from the former Ravens linebacker, but it appears that Beckham eventually changed his mind about listening to Lewis.  

"It's not what he said, it was the commitment he started to make," Lewis said. "So we started to make those phones calls; we started to have conversation. And then I started to see, he started to distance himself, a little more, a little more and a little more."

Basically, it seems that Beckham could only handle so much of Lewis' advice before he decided that taking advice from Lewis wasn't such a great idea. At that point, Lewis then mentioned the fact that none of this was actually about religion even though Lewis started the conversation by mentioning religion. 

"I don't care about religion, I'm talking about a foundation," Lewis said. "When your foundation is disturbed, when everything you're doing is the opposite of what got you to this place, then you're making your own life hard."

If anyone knows about making their "own life hard," it's Lewis. The former Ravens linebacker once pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in a double murder that took place in Atlanta just before Super Bowl XXXV. Lewis had originally been charged with two counts of murder in the case before reaching a plea deal

Anyway, just when you thought the interview couldn't get any more weird, Lewis decided to drop a Justin Timberlake reference. 

"I tell people this all the time -- I just spoke at this church a couple of days ago -- you show me your crowd, I will show you your future," Lewis said. "Man, Justin Timberlake ain't never played no football. I love Justin, but Justin ain't getting out there on that ground like that. These guys he's hanging out with, they're in studios all night. They don't have to get up, they don't have no discipline when it comes to athleticism. It's a different discipline."

If Lewis is saying "don't be friends with famous people," I don't think Odell is going to listen. As a matter of fact, I don't think Odell has any plans to listen to much of anything that Lewis says. Based on Lewis' description of things, the two aren't really talking anymore. 

"What I'm disappointed in, is we had an agreement as men," Lewis said. "The difference of me and everybody else, I don't need nothing or want nothing from you. But when you tell me you want me in your life to help you, when you tell me that we'll be accountable with reading our bibles and sharing scriptures and it don't happen, then you wonder why things around starts to happen."

If anything, Lewis seems kind of upset that Odell doesn't hang out with him anymore. This is actually the second time this offseason that a Hall-of-Famer has ripped Beckham. After Beckham's controversial video came out in March, Cris Carter said he was "disappointed" in the Giants receiver