The New York Giants had no comment on Friday following the release of a video that appeared to show Odell Beckham in a situation the team would probably prefer he not be involved in. 

In the short video, a man who appears to be the 25-year-old receiver is seen sitting on a bed while holding a brown cigarette in his left hand. The video also includes a woman who appears to be holding a credit card next to a powdery white substance. The woman is laying just feet away from the man on the bed. (You can see the NSFW video by clicking here). 

The man, who doesn't appear to be aware that anything is being filmed, is heard on the video saying, "trying to get you to sleep with someone..."

One thing that's not clear in the video is when or where it was filmed. Beckham has been in Paris for at least the past week. 

Although there's no definitive proof that there's any drugs or drug use in the video, it's not a great look for Beckham to possibly show up in a situation with a brown cigarette next to someone who's handling an unidentified white substance. 

The Giants are aware of the video, however, the team declined to comment when reached by the New York Daily News on Friday. The NFL is also aware of the video, but declined further comment, according to to NJ Advanced Media.  

The video comes at a precarious time for Beckham, and that's because he's trying to get a long-term deal done with the Giants. Although the Giants clearly want to keep him around, co-owner John Mara hasn't always been happy with Beckham's maturity level. 

After Beckham celebrated a touchdown by peeing like a dog in September, he was forced to have a private meeting with Mara, who wasn't happy with the situation.  The Giants also weren't thrilled that Beckham and other receivers went on a South Beach boat trip before the team's playoff game in 2016. The Giants ended up losing that game to the Packers 38-13, and after the loss, Beckham punched a hole in a wall at Lambeau Field

Although a deal with Beckham will likely get done at some point, Mara said in January that he wanted new coach Pat Shurmur to sit down with Beckham so the receiver would have a good idea of what the team wants from him going forward. 

"We will deal with that at the appropriate time," Mara said of Beckham's contract. "That is not necessarily right now. I've said before many times that we want him to be a Giant. We will get something done at some point. I first want Pat to sit down with him and for them to have a good understanding of how we are going to act going forward."

One thing that could complicate negotiations is Beckham's potential asking price. Last summer, the Giants receiver said he wanted to be the highest paid player in the NFL. This year, his asking price has reportedly dropped to roughly $20 million per year, but that might be too high for the Giants, if they're concerned about his maturity.