If Roger Goodell gets his way, the length of the NFL preseason could soon be undergoing a major change.  

During an interview at Jim Kelly's charity golf tournament on Monday, the NFL commissioner hinted that he would like to see the preseason trimmed down from four games. 

"I feel what we should be doing is always to the highest quality, and I'm not sure preseason games meet that level right now," Goodell said, via the Associated Press. "I'm not sure, talking with coaches, that four preseason games is necessary any more to get ready for a season to evaluate players, develop players. There are other ways of doing that, and we've had a lot of discussions about that."

Of course, this isn't all about the players. Goodell also wants to see the preseason cut down because he doesn't feel like it's a good value for the fans. If you've ever watched a preseason game, you've probably noticed that starters almost never play, and by the time the fourth quarter rolls around, you've never heard of most of the players who are still on the field, which isn't great for fans, who are still charged full price for those games by many teams. 

"We want to give fans great value and I'm not sure four preseason games does that," Goodell said, via WIVB-TV. 

This isn't the first time Goodell has suggested the NFL might be better off with a trimmed down preseason. Back in August 2017, the NFL commissioner said the preseason should be shortened, but he also admitted that it wouldn't be able to happen unless it was written into the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). 

If a change to the preseason is going to happen, it wouldn't happen until the 2021 preseason at the earliest. The current CBA is set to expire following the 2020 season and it will be replaced by a new agreement, which the NFL and NFLPA have been busy negotiating over the past two months.  

If the length of the preseason does get reduced, one report has suggested that the NFL might try to make up for it by adding to two weeks to the regular season. According to the Washington Post, some owners are hoping to push the idea of extending the regular season to 18 games, although there's no guarantee that will happen, because it's something that players seem to be adamantly against. 

The length of the preseason wasn't the only thing that Goodell talked about on Monday. The commissioner also chatted about the possibility of the Bills getting a new stadium and you can check out what he said by clicking here