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For the second straight week, the Seahawks played in a game that went down to the wire, and for the second straight week, they came out on top. 

With 3:21 left to play in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks were trailing 17-13 against the Titans, and they knew that if they were going to win the game, they needed to get a touchdown. And in a game that was played on Christmas Eve, Geno Smith made a delivery that would have impressed Santa. 

Smith calmly led Seattle on a 75-yard scoring drive that culminated with a game-winning five-yard touchdown pass to Colby Parkinson with just 57 seconds left to play. 

The pass to Parkinson marked the second time in six days that the Seahawks have won a game with a touchdown in the final minute. Last week, the Seahawks were able to beat the Eagles 20-17 after Drew Lock hit Jaxson Smith-Njigba for a 29-yard score with just 28 seconds left to play. 

Thanks to those two touchdowns, the Seahawks became the first team in 24 years and just the second team in NFL history to have a different player throw a game-winning TD pass in the final minute of regulation in back-to-back weeks. 

The only other time this happened came all the way back in 1999 when the Dolphins did it with Dan Marino and Damon Huard. 

In Week 5 of that season, Marino threw a two-yard TD pass to Oronde Gadsden with just 27 seconds left to play to give the Dolphins a 34-31 win over the Colts. One week later, Huard threw a five-yard touchdown pass with 23 seconds left to give the Dolphins a 31-30 win over the Patriots

In a wild coincidence, the 1999 Dolphins ended up making the playoffs and beating the Seahawks 20-17, which is the same score that Seattle has won by in each of the past two weeks with Smith and Lock. Like the Dolphins, the Seahawks could also end up in the playoffs and that outcome became even more likely following their win over the Titans on Sunday.