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SCOTTSDALE -- Matching up the experience factor in Super Bowl LVII, the Kansas City Chiefs have the upper hand over the Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia is no slouch toward winning championships either, as seven players from the Super Bowl LII championship team from the 2017 season will be playing in this game.

Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Isaac Seumalo, Rick Lovato and Jake Elliott all played on that Super Bowl LII title team -- beating the Patriots 41-33 -- and are now set to play for another NFL title on Sunday. They have been through the preparation and craziness of Super Bowl week before. 

So is it easier the second time around?

"I felt like the schedule has been pretty similar, just a little bit more sun this time," Johnson admitted earlier this week. "We're enjoying that, but practice is practice and the meetings are meetings. It will get here before we know it."

Elliott has been through the madness that the week entails, yet being through the grind certainly has its advantages. 

"I know what to expect now," Elliott said. "It's easy to keep a good head on my shoulder and peak too soon. It's one of those things where it's a long two weeks and you get a lot of stuff thrown at you early. 

"You just kind of have to sit back and realize it's gonna take a long time to get there and you're gonna be anxious just to get to that Sunday."

The Eagles never appeared overwhelmed during the week when they had to fulfill media obligations, yet they were significantly looser on Thursday than they were on Wednesday. The Chiefs, on the other hand, looked as ready to go as a team could be on both days. 

Perhaps the experience plays a factor in the preparation leading up to a game. The Eagles who have played in a Super Bowl embraced when the chaos turned normal. 

"Know that we're kinda back into the Wednesday, Thursday routine. We're into the swing of practices and playing ball, it's a little easier to get back into the swing of things," Elliott said. "Other than the media obligations, when we're back on the field it feels good. All is calm in the world, it feels great."

Of course Kelce is soaking in every moment of this week he can. The star of Super Bowl LVII, Kelce is playing in the first matchup of opposing brothers in Super Bowl history. Kelce has had a smile on his face all week. 

"The Kelce ticket is definitely hotter this time around," Kelce said with a laugh. "I'm doing a lot more media than I care to do to be honest with you, but it's all good. The first time around I was more a younger player. I wasn't really one of the stars of the team. I was able to coast through the media portion of it whereas now there's a lot more on tap. 

"My role is a little bit different on this team than the last time around. I'm trying to embrace that."

Through it all, is Kelce enjoying all the hoopla surrounding him as he goes for his second championship? 

"I'm having a lot of fun," Kelce said with a smile. "Having a blast."