Tom Brady has broken dozens of Super Bowl records in his career and he's going to add one more to his résumé on Sunday as soon as he walks on the field. After Brady takes his first snap in Super Bowl LV, he'll officially become the oldest player to ever play in a Super Bowl. 

If you ask most people, the most surprising thing about Brady breaking that record is the fact that he doesn't already hold it. Although Brady does hold the record as the oldest non-kicker to play in the Super Bowl -- he broke that record in New England's win over the Rams in Super Bowl LIII -- Brady is not yet the oldest player. 

For the next few days, that record is going to belong to Matt Stover, who served as the Colts kicker in Super Bowl XLIX at the age of 42 years and 11 days. When Super Bowl LV kicks off, Brady will be 43 years and 188 days old. 

After breaking the age record this year, Brady might end up breaking his own record next year and that's because it sounds like he plans on playing forever. Although Brady has long made it clear that he planned to play until he was 45, he has now left the door open for playing EVEN LONGER. 

"Yea definitely," Brady said on Monday when asked if he'd consider playing after 45. "It's a physical sport and the perspective you have on that is -- you never know. You never know when that moment is, just because it's a contact sport and there's a lot of training that goes into it. And again, it has to be 100 percent commitment from myself to keep doing it." 

Super Bowl LV is almost here, and you can watch it for free on the CBS Sports App.

What Brady is doing at his age is improbable. Before this year, there had only been seven Super Bowls that featured at least one player who was 40 years or older and Brady accounted for two of those seven. 

Here's the list of the oldest players to ever play in a Super Bowl, a list that Brady will be on top of after he takes his first snap on Sunday. 

Players over 40 to reach the Super Bowl

1. Matt Stover (K), Colts: Played in Super Bowl XLIV at age 42 years, 11 days
2. Jeff Feagles (P), Giants: Played in Super Bowl XLII at age 41 years, 333 days
3. Matt Bryant (K), Falcons: Played in Super Bowl LI at age 41 years, 252 days
4. Tom Brady (QB), Patriots: Played in Super Bowl LIII at age 41 years, 184 days days
5. Mike Horan (P), Rams: Played in Super Bowl XXXIV at age 40 years, 363 days
6. Tom Brady (QB), Patriots: Played in Super Bowl LII at age 40 years, 185 days
7. Jerry Rice (WR), Raiders: Played in Super Bowl XXXVII at age 40 years, 105 days

Brady is the first quarterback to start a Super Bowl in three different decades (2000s, 2010s, 2020s) and based on how things are going, we probably shouldn't be surprised if he adds a fourth decade in there, even if he'll be 53 when the 2030 season starts.