The ongoing rivalry between Tom Brady and Titans coach Mike Vrabel might secretly be the best one in football, and this year, it looks like Brady is going to get the last laugh. 

During an episode of the Buccaneers web series "In the Current," which was released on Wednesday, the show focused on the Tampa Bay's recent joint practices with the Titans. At some point during the joint session, Brady was asked to give his thoughts on Vrabel and his answer was pretty hilarious. 

"Mike's kind of an a-- hole if you get to know him," Brady said with a straight face. "He went to Ohio State. Obviously, I don't like him. There's a healthy competition between us, even though he's kind of fat and out of shape now. Physically, he's really declined to a pretty sad state."

Not to be outdone, Vrabel also took his own shot. At one point during the joint practice between the two teams, the Titans coach got to address a group of Buccaneers players and that's when he came out with a nice burn of his own. 

"It's good to see another defense carry Brady to another Super Bowl," Vrabel told the Buccaneers players.

Vrabel also got in another good shot at Brady during the joint session when he shared a picture that included the quarterback and his son, Jack, who was serving as a ball boy

Brady did offer some sincere comments about Vrabel in mid-August

"He's doing a great job and he's a great coach," Brady said. "Obviously, he was a great player so he kind of coaches the way he would have played -- try to be smart and really try to make them beat you. They've always done a good job of that."

Vrabel and Brady were teammates for eight years in New England and during that time, they won three Super Bowls together. Also, their friendship really puts Brady's career into perspective: The quarterback is somehow still playing 11 YEARS AFTER Vrabel retired. 

As for the video of Brady's hilarious comments, you can check that out below (It starts at the 8:11 mark if the video doesn't automatically take you there).